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Lets cut to the chase.

You want to grow your business and have some fun doing it.

Making Money is Easy AF,
when you know what to do.


These are the ways that I have helped, literally THOUSANDS of small businesses increase revenue online:


  • Marketing Coaching Sessions SERVICE.
  • How to Start making money asap, 1 Hour course.
  • Help to Grow a small business fast E Book.
  • Rank your website in Google in 3 days SERVICE.
  • Revamp or Build Your Business Website.
  • Launch and SCALE your TikTok Account SERVICE.
  • Brand or Rebrand your business SERVICE.

I LOVE working with small, scrappy and local businesses serving their communities. Although I have scaled huge brands to international fame and fortune, I really enjoy connecting with small business warriors with the same mindset.

Lets hop on the phone and see what opportunities you are missing and how to capture those sales asap.

Who tha F has She worked with? 🔥🔥🔥


⚡HARPO STUDIOS back in the day before all the shady sh*t she had done…I created the social media marketing and design for the Luther Vandross tribute – God rest his sweet soul. Was one of the most successful social media marketing stunts to date…


⚡Patti LaBelle – Grammy Winning Song Writer and Singer. This woman is the OG. I trippled her fan club membership in 3 weeks. Millions of sales btw.


⚡David Avocado Wolfe – 12 Million + Followers and Growing… racking in over 100k a month in Adsense and Affiliate Sales. DISCLAIMER: NO, the earth is not flat, veganism is bad for your health and I am not a damn hippy…but the man is a marketing genius pays his bills.


⚡Pretty Over 50 – Youtube influencer that is actually a beautiful soul. Been hiking with her in Reno and Tahoe. Helped to scale her SEO. She is CRUSHING IT.


⚡Old Lady Gains – SEO OPTIMIZATION AND CRO … Gained some sweet sales. Doing over 1 MILLION a year selling a few t shirts.

I have helped 🚀 large and small businesses since 1999.

Their are literaly THOUSANDS of small businesses who are increasing sales with SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA marketing services, thanks to my expertise…

BTW they are not all HUGE Influencers, raking in millions a month, but they are raking in millions a year…quietly enjoying thier privacy and wealth 🤑.


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