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How to find the Top SEO Companies in the Reno Nevada?

(How to get my website to the top of Google with SEO?)

If you do a quick search in Google for “Reno SEO Expert”, you will see a handful of PPC ads at the top of the search results. 98% of those companies are not located in the Reno Nevada area.

If you scroll down to the Google Maps area, you will likely find local SEO companies.

And…if you scroll down below the Google Maps section, you will see 2 or 3 actual Reno SEO companies.

With that being said, most of the SEO companies that rank on the first page of Google for “SEO Experts” or related terms, beneath the maps area, are in fact, NOT located in Reno.

In our list below, we break down the top digital marketing experts and their true locations for you.

This data was pulled from SEM Rush and other keyword research tools available online.

1. Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design – Sandy Rowley, leading SEO expert located in Reno Nevada holds her spot as the top SEO in Nevada, five years and running. Her SEO company is located in downtown Reno Nevada. Renowebdesigner.com

2. SEO – A top contender in the space, hovers over some top SEO positions throughout the month. acuteseo.com

3. Reno SEO – An off shoot company of a local digital marketing expert, (not to be named) is looking to outrank these top positions. Possible black hat practices being deployed.

3.  – The companies listed on this directory are paying to be listed as a top SEO. So technically, that does not count as being a good SEO, but we listed this paid directory site simply because they are ranking on the first page of Google for the term. This shows that the Clutch companies SEO team is actually pretty decent at SEO and not neccessarly that the companies listed in this directory are good at SEO. https://clutch.co/seo-firms/reno

4. – This company is based out of another state, but did a good job at ranking for this competitive term. Not Local company.

5. Up City – Yet, another paid directory, looking to use thier SEO savvy to help rank their paying customers within their directory. Again, the SEO companies listed on this paid site, are not neccessarily a good choice for SEO as they either paid to be listed, or simply added their website to the free section of this site.

6. Reno SEO-
renotahoeseo.com These guys have been battling for the top spot for quite a while now. Not sure if they are actually still living in the Reno Nv area, but they have some skills. This is not 100% guarantee that any of the companies listed on this page are a good fit for your needs, simply a list of companies that are working for the top spot in Reno.

7. – This company is possibly located in another country, per our research. They are at the bottom of page one for SEO related terms. These spots are highly volatile and usually fall off page 1 within a few weeks.

8. –  Another company, not actually located in the Reno area, but is working to position their website as a local business.

9. Bright Local SEO –
Another paid directory for SEO’s. SEO is about ranking a website for relevant keywords that are searched in Google and other search engines. Paying to list your site as the top SEO company in Reno, does not count as SEO. That is simply buying ad space. Bright Local is a top SEO services company located outside of the Reno area. Again, thier SEO team is great at SEO. The companies that paid to be listed on thier directory, maybe not so much.

10. –  Props to this guy. He is at the bottom of page 1 in Google, but his last post on his Facebook page was back over 3 years ago. These types of SEO tactics work temporarily then drop off again to the page 2 or 3 of Google. Not sure if this SEO expert is still located in our area.

How to find a trustworthy SEO company in Reno?

A simple strategy you can use to find a good SEO expert in your area is to do the following:

1. Do a simple keyword search in Google for “Reno SEO”
2. Look at the SERPS or search results that are the top 5 positions in Google.
3. Look at the top 3 results in the local Reno map section.
4. Sort by best reviews.
5. Scroll to see what companies have the best reviews and rank high in Google for the SEO term.

After you have found a list of local Reno SEO companies with good reviews, do the following:

1. Fill out their websites contact form requesting more information. How long does it take for the SEO company to respond?
2. Call the SEO expert and see if they answer the phone or does it go straight to voicemail. (Some of the SEO companies in this list are moonlighting as an SEO and have day jobs.)
3. If the SEO person answers the phone, are they friendly? Are they helpful? How knowledgable are they on the subject?


Never hire an SEO company or expert based on whether they are “affordable” or not. You get what you pay for. If your company is looking to rank for keywords that will generate your business thousands of dollars a month, why would anyone not just do your business on thier own and make more than the measley $500 a month it would take to rank for those keywords?

How much does SEO cost?

A solid SEO campaign for local Reno keywords is $800 – $8500 per month is the average. This is a reasonable investment for the return a business will have with a reputable SEO service.

SEO is a digital marketing service that takes consistancy and time. It is not a one and done service. Don’t let any companies convince you otherwise.

I am available Monday – Saturday, 8am to 8pm PST. Feel free to email or call with questions. Sandy Rowley and her team of SEO experts are on standby, availalbe to be your go to source for all things digital marketing.

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We have the best reviews in the state. Over 1285 five star reviews on Google, Facebook, Clutch, 3 Best Rated, Alignable, Yelp and other review sites.

marketing reno

Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design is an invaluable tool for promoting local events in and around Reno. We saw fast results and were able to reach portions of the population that wouldn’t have been available to us otherwise. Sandy is a passionate, knowledgeable professional with so many wonderful tools at her disposal. I’m so grateful to her for her time and attention.
Danny Sierra

Event Promotion , Patagonia Outlet

marketing reno
Every day here at TAP agency Consulting and PR, I need teammates that enjoy what they do, and who are experts at communication and driving projects forward. Sandy Rowley is a wonderfully intelligent person, who works diligently to provide her colleagues and clients with unparalleled insight and professionalism. I look forward to working with Sandy on each project. It is my pleasure to continue to refer Sandy and Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design to my agency’s valued clients. Learn more how TAP Agency Helps Leading Grass Roots Celebrities Sky Rocket their reach.
Alisha The Explorer

PR Goddess, TAP Agency Consulting & PR

marketing reno
Key value-add skills in a web designer:

1) listens to understand what you are trying to communicate and then provides expertise to compose and enhance your collection of visual content in an attractive, compelling and easy-to navigate way.

2) follow through, follow-up, taking time to train you on how to update and edit.

3) coaching on how to best position and accelerate your web site objectives.
Jacquie Chandler

CEO, SustainTahoe.org

marketing reno
Happy to say Sandy knows her stuff. Her market knowledge, strategic insight and her ability to apply these broadly across sectors 21st century style was surprising and pleasing. She is my primary marketing resource.
Carole Bucher

Feldenkrais Method, Extra Space

marketing reno
Since working with RWD my web sales increased 500 percent.
Larry Green

Founder & CEO, EEZ Keeper

marketing reno
CharitySmith has seen an immediate increase in new due to our site redesign. Sandy found a great balance of professionalism while maintaining a warm aesthetic!
Brenda Zimmerman

Executive Director, CharitySmith.org

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