When new users visit a website, their eyes go directly to the logo design. Not many of them will take their time to concentrate through the long paragraphs just to get a quick hint about your website. They will gauge your brand right from the logo design. Logo and branding can have a profound influence on consumers’ decision making, according to a study published on psychological science in 2013. Therefore, your logo has to convey your business message in a fascinating way.

Ask out there and you will concur with me that logo designing is one of the most challenging tasks you can undertake. Designing is what happens in your head.So you have to think critically and be as creative as possible. Sketching and photoshops are just but the results of what you have been thinking. However, you may count yourself lucky to have browsed into our site. We have suggested some cornerstones that may make the whole process fun and exciting journey for you.

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Make it simple

A scientist by the name William Lidwell said, a simple logo simply means people like it at a gut level, without thinking about it. Keeping your logo simple makes it easy to interpret at a glance. This elicits an immediate consumer’s emotional reaction and if the message is strong, they will have to read further through your website.

According to William, simplicity gives you originality. You develop a brand that you will want to build on for generations to come. For example, if a simple viewfinder in line art can do well as a photography logo design then there is no need for a complex camera illustration. However, this should not be equated to a shallow brand message or mild business model. It should be quite the opposite. It should be simple and clear with stronger and more persuasive information.  Logo designer in Reno.


Color psychology

Color is known to have the ability to boost the chances of natural stimuli to be encoded, stored, and retrieved (Malaysia Journal of medical science research published on NCBI). The same study has it that the choice of color and the manipulative aspect can determine the extent to which color can influence human memory performance.

Besides, color is a form of non-verbal communication. Each of them has its unique perception and this varies depending on society and culture. For instance, an orange logo may give an impression of an inexpensive product in most western countries. In the Netherlands, however, it is associated with a royalty lifestyle. Therefore, you need to choose one that is relevant to your target audience.

Use relevant graphic

People make an elaborate assessment of a company product based on the shape of the logo. A mere angular or circular shape of a logo is enough to influence the perception of consumers about your brand. Research has it that circular shapes evoke associations related to softness. It makes the company to be regarded as being warm, caring, and sensitive to customers’ comfort. On the other hand, angular shapes activate association with hardness. Products advertised with angular logos result in the perception of heightened durability.

It may be just a transformed letter or wordmark logo design, or it may include an image. Whichever the case, the shape that it takes communicates a lot. Think of the Federal Express logo, FedEx, with a hidden arrow created by negative space between letters E and x.

Lindon Leader, in an email interview, said that they developed over 400 versions of logos before coming up with such creativity. That tells you how it is difficult to come up with a memorable logo. According to him in the same interview, the arrow suggests getting from point A to point B, with speed and precision. Though regarded as accidental, I feel it is the happiest accident I have ever heard of because it has won the company several awards.

Font psychology

Ideally, the right font makes the reader feel good and science has proven that. This applies to logo designing as well. However, in logo design, it is not all about how readable the font may be, but it has a direct impact on how people will distinguish your brand. Here are some commonly used typefaces in logos and the perception that they will have on your brand.

  • Serif font: is stable, respectable, and traditional. Even though it is an old fashion, it is still a hot cake for many modern financial companies. It builds trust with the target audience.
  • Sans serif font: it is clean, straightforward, and clear to enhance readability. It makes the company to be recognized as being sensitive and honest. It is the standard for digital design and gives most websites a modern feel.
  • Script font: is feminine and flowing. It mimics handwriting and therefore creates a more sincere feel than the ‘typed’ ones. It gives the perception of elegance, creativity, and freedom.
  • Display font: is big, bold and unconventional. It may be appropriate for a company in entertainment.
  • Decorative font: It is unsuitable for body copy and, therefore, best reserve for headlines and short copy that work to draw attention. It elicits fun, creativity, and originality.

The best typeface to use in a logo for clients is more of a debate, and this will depend on your brand and personality. Choose wisely because every font sets a different mood or client’s emotional reactions.

Your target audience should determine your logo design.

Everyone is not a demographic. That simply means you can’t offer products or services that are for everybody. Therefore, thinking of a logo design that targets everyone is misleading. You must have your target audience; those whom you regard as potential customers. It may be determined by a specific gender, age, ethnic group, marital status, location, lifestyle, and much more.

The bottom line

A logo doesn’t have to be hard to design if you follow the above steps that we have discussed. The most important thing is keeping it simple and choosing its components wisely in regard to the type of business and target audience demands.

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