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We provide Custom Web Design, Web Development, Shopify, E commerce Web Design, Startup SEO and SEO (Search engine optimization) Marketing services.

Our team of top digital marketing experts (located in Reno Nv) can also create a winning marketing plan,

SEO take over strategy and ongoing search marketing services, to help you and your business get to the top of Google!

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Shopify is emerging as the leading E commerce platform of choice.

Providing a level of security and support unmatched by WordPress, SquareSpace or other E commerce.  Let us create a professional Shopify store for your business. SEO is built in as well as 24/7 support available over the phone, email or chat. Shopify is here to help you succeed. Create your online business with a trusted partner. Sandy is a Webby Award winning web designer who has built hundreds of Shopify stores for clients in Reno and around the country.

A Shopify Expert, that works personally with each business owner to ensure their success.  She creates custom Shopify web designs that are mobile friendly, SEO optimized and fast loading for optimal sales. View sample store design ideas below. She can design in any style or to match any brand. Whether your looking for a little help, or someone to lead the way, we have you covered!

Her reputation is one of the best in the industry. Most E commerce Shopify web designs start at $2200. She also offers a white back ground photography service for up to 10 products for $499. Schedule a 15 minute session today.

Call Sandy and ask questions and get the support your business needs.

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Need to outrank your competitors in Google? Ask Sandy about SEO services today.

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Sandy Rowley & RWDR selected as Top SEO Expert on

Reno SEO Expert

Voted best SEO Expert in the US by Design Drizzle!

Honorary Recipient of 2 Webby Awards Web Design (The Oscars of the Internet)

Best Web Developers in Reno

Voted BEST Web Developer in Reno!

Web Design

Schedule a 15 minute SEO session with Nevada’s top SEO expert, Sandy Rowley

How much does SEO cost? Ongoing search marketing services can range from $800 to $25k per month depending on the competitive nature of your best keywords. You can start off with a 1 hour SEO session for $179 to get a feel for what actions are needed in order to rank your companies website for relevant keywords online. A SEO strategy session will provide useful marketing help for your small business.

Some topics covered are google search, keyword research, has Google crawled your website recently?

Also she will touch on the technical SEO aspect that is crucial in todays search engine marketing strategies.

Whether your business is just starting out or has a seasoned blog with Google Analytic data and a strong social media prensence, Sandy can quickly assess what is needed to help your business increase sales in 2021.

We are a full service digital marketing agency who loves to work with small businesses.

SEO helps small businesses do big things in Google. We have worked with some of the areas top brands, helping them to secure high ranking positions in Google search. 

Dear Business Owner AKA Super Hero, Entrepreneur, Rain Maker…

Welcome to our SEO services webpage. I’m Sandy Rowley, CEO, founder and SEO expert at Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design. I wear many hats around here, but at the core of it all: I help companies increase revenue with SEO, Web Design/Development and Social marketing.

Many of our clients have come to us after experiencing disillusionment with other “SEO experts”.  I simply ask them: How do their “SEO experts’” websites rank on Google? And their answer invariably is: We haven’t tested their website! Well, here’s my first piece of advice – If you want someone to deliver real SEO results, the best way to do so is to test how their websites are doing for SEO.

Many web services companies have jumped on the SEO bandwagon. They promise unsuspecting clients the world, but never really deliver much. They’ll impress you with buzzwords like “organic traffic”, “top ranking”, “number one SERP spot”, “bounce rate”, “link building” and “exponential sales growth”. When months of using their “top rated” (READ: Expensive!) services don’t get your website even one position higher than you were before paying them thousands of dollars…they’ll offer reasons (READ: “excuses”):

  • Give it time!
  • Trust us…we’re seeing the data, and its working!
  • You’ll need to buy 6-months more of our service!
  • The problem is with your products…try changing your business model!
  • It’s taking longer than we expected because your services are too pricey!

Instead, you’ll discover too late that you’ve been pouring money into an endless money pit. And here’s a second piece of free advice: The sooner you terminate your relationship with these “SEO gurus”, the better off you’ll be.

We take pride in our efforts to educate and enlighten visitors, clients and prospective clients to our website, about the perils of working with unproven “digital marketing experts”. At Reno SEO, we follow our own advice when building our SEO profile. That’s why we encourage everyone looking for our help to test our websites SEO first. That’s the only way to guarantee that you’ll get real SEO value from our services.

Looking to launch your online business with Shopify? Sandy is one of the leading E Commerce experts in the state.


Where There Are No Excuses – Just Plenty of Leads and Lots of Organic Traffic!

If you’ve found yourself here, on our Reno SEO page, then it’s very likely that you’re in search of credible SEO assistance. And the reason that your Google search landed you on our site, instead of some other place, is simple: We take the same SEO medicine that we prescribe to our clients!

We’re forever watching how search engines like Google (and others too!) constantly evolve. And, because we adapt and respond to search engine algorithm and methodology changes, our SEO efforts deliver real results.

Reno Search Engine Optimization services voted top SEO company in Nevada.

So, if you are tired of hearing complaints and excuses, and are looking for real SEO results, why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation? Don’t make excuses…just do it and you’ll thank yourself you did!


Real SEO Value: Look for Tangible ROI…Not Empty Promises!

Seeking real SEO value is akin to training for a marathon – not just a quick sprint. Sure, there are “SEO gurus” out there that will get you to a higher SERP ranking for a quarter of the cost that industry competitors quote– but then, you’re on your own. You’ll soon find yourself lower than you were before they stepped in. That’s because there’s no real strategy to deliver ongoing SEO value. When you do the math, you’ll discover you’ve lost that investment without receiving sustained return on investment (ROI).

Another promise broken!

Like any successful project in the business world, real ROI is commensurate to the investment you pledge to it. The more you invest, and the longer you sustain that investment, the higher you’ll rank compared to your competitors. But getting to page#1 of a relevant SERP is just half the battle. Real SEO value means staying there despite what the competition throws at you!

If they pump $2,500 a month in SEO funding, but you only invest $200, it isn’t hard to see how that race will end for you. But that’s not the way to measure SEO ROI – just by how much you spend. For instance, what if you invested $2,000 a month resulting in 75% additional traffic, 50% more leads and $10,000 to $50,000 in increased monthly sales revenue? Well, that’s a wise investment and an even better ROI!

Value is What You Pay For

SEO costs money…there’s no denying that. But, as is always the case in any business investment, value is what you get out of what you pay for. If that $2,000 a month investment we spoke of earlier only resulted in just $200 in additional revenue – that would not be value in return for your investment. So, if you are looking for an SEO company to deliver real SEO value, don’t expect to get that value by budgeting $200, $500 or $600-per-month. That just won’t cut it…and that’s not what we here at Reno Web Designer are about!

Our mission is to deliver real SEO value in return for a thoughtfully-allocated budget. And over a decade of supporting client SEO efforts has underscored that value. You get what you pay for. For instance, if you were to hire a full-time in-house SEO resource, he/she would cost you a minimum of $100,000 a year – if not more. And that’s just a single resource. When you work with Reno Web Designer, you receive value for what you pay in the form of multiple skillsets – a whole team supporting you for as little as $12,000 a year!


Your 3-Step Plan to Top Google Rankings

Over more than a decade, we’ve perfected SEO down to an art form. Our proven processes, tried-and-tested best practices and effective digital marketing strategies deliver real SEO value as quick as 1-2-3!

Step#1: Contact us if you’re not satisfied with your “SEO guru’s” performance, and hear what a real SEO expert has to say

Step#2: Tell us about your SEO expectations, goals and objectives, and watch us build an outline for a value-adding SEO strategy

Step#3: Lets implement your strategy and watch you reap the benefits of your SEO investment

It’s really as simple as that!



Our SEO Pricing & Service Plans



Fee: $1000 (One Time Fee)

Price includes SEO services for a 5-page website. Additional pages may be included in the package at a $100 fee per page.

What it’s all about:

Now that you’ve launched your website, it’s time to get your audience acquainted with it. Think of your newly minted website as someone that’s just moved to a new city. You’ll need someone to show you the ropes and make sure everyone that matters to you knows you’ve arrived. Our Jumpstart program gives you a quick head start on SEO.

What’s included?

Keyword Research
Install Google Analytics
Create XML Sitemap
Add ALT Tags
Create Page Title and Descriptions
Add Location to Google Maps
Submission to top Search Engines. Up to 500 search engines, social signals, relevant links and directories.
Add Business to 3 Local Reno Directories
303 Re-Direct
Install All-In-One-SEO Plugin
Rename Page URL’s
Social Share Buttons






Fee: $800 PER MONTH (normally $960 per month)

*Requires prepayment for a 3-month service commitment

What it’s all about:

Detailed planning – That’s what this is all about. How much you should plan for SEO isn’t an exact science. It depends on several factors, including: How crowded your niche is; What rankings your competitors enjoy? Where you currently stand in terms of SEO? Your timelines for moving up the SERP ranking. It all factors into a comprehensive SEO strategy. Getting you from #5 to #4 might be easier than moving you from #150 to #4!

This program delivers a tailored Basic SEO Plan based on your unique circumstances.

What’s included?

Initial Website Audit
Keyword Research
Customized SEO Strategy
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Submission to Search Engines
Link Building
Web 2.0’s
Monthly Reporting






Fee: $1,500 PER MONTH

What it’s all about:

Based on your overall plan, we’ll put together a personalized SEO strategy that puts that plan into action.

Highly recommended for small businesses in a highly competitive niche.

What’s included?

Campaign Setup And Optimization
Detailed Website Audit
Basic Digital PR
Speed improvements
Customized SEO Strategy
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Link Building
Monthly Reporting






Fee: $2,500 PER MONTH

What it’s all about:

After reviewing your website, its current competitive position and your SEO goals and objectives, we’ll develop a personalized SEO strategy based on your unique needs.

Highly recommended for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to create competitive edge over the competition.

What’s included?

Campaign Setup And Optimization

Detailed Website Audit
Customized SEO Strategy
Speed improvements
Mobile SEO
Digital PR Componant
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Link Building
Monthly Reporting






Fee: $5,000+ PER MONTH

What it’s all about:

Large corporations have highly demanding SEO aims and objectives. This plan will result in the creation of a custom SEO strategy that delivers higher website traffic, better quality leads and enhanced revenue opportunities.

What’s included?

Campaign Setup And Optimization

Detailed Website Audit
Speed Improvements
Competitor Analysis and Monitoring
100% SEO Guarantee
Safe White Hat SEO Practices
Mobile SEO
Video SEO
Audio SEO
Digital PR
Customized SEO Strategy
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Link Building
Monthly Reporting


Digital Services that Fuel Growth…

Creating one of a kind Website Designs and successful Digital Marketing Campaigns that drive home results. We are a leading SEO company in Reno Nevada, that generates higher return on investment, conversions and sales for their clients. Learn what we can do to increase sales for your company, whether your in Reno, Vegas…any city in the state of Nevada or through out the US, we have the experience, reputation and follow through to achieve success with any web project. Call for your free 15 minute digital marketing and advertising review today.

Website Design & Development

Webby award winning web designer. We create georgous web site design and clean code. It’s how we roll. Graphic design, logo design and branding. App development, web development and developers and content management systems.

Digital Marketing

Reno SEO, PPC, Digital Advertising, Social & Email marketing services that are guaranteed to rock your world. A Reno marketing group, dedicated to your success.  Our web design agency provides professional marketing services you can count on, unlike working with freelance web or graphic designers.

Public Speaking

Funny, helpful and a powerhouse of knowledge. Speaking at events across the country. Located in Reno Nevada, but travels throughout the western United States. We provide digital marketing and web design workshops custom designed to match your audience needs.

Mobile Friendly Web Designs

Easy to use, fast loading and beautiful mobile responsive web sites. Google requires your website to be ready for the mobile web. We can develop custom mobile apps, website development applications as well as perform mobile AMP SEO optimizations. Request a phone call from Sandy and learn more today.


Success Stories

marketing reno

Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design is an invaluable tool for promoting local events in and around Reno. We saw fast results and were able to reach portions of the population that wouldn’t have been available to us otherwise. Sandy is a passionate, knowledgeable professional with so many wonderful tools at her disposal. I’m so grateful to her for her time and attention.
Danny Sierra

Event Promotion , Patagonia Outlet

marketing reno
Every day here at TAP Marketing Agency, Consulting and PR, I need teammates that enjoy what they do, and who are SEO experts at communication and driving projects forward. Sandy Rowley is a wonderfully intelligent person, who works diligently to provide her colleagues and clients with unparalleled insight and professionalism. I look forward to working with Sandy on each project. It is my pleasure to continue to refer Sandy and Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design to my agency’s valued clients. Learn more how TAP Agency Helps Leading Grass Roots Celebrities Sky Rocket their reach.
Alisha The Explorer

PR Goddess, TAP Agency Consulting & PR

marketing reno
Key value-add skills in a web designer:

1) listens to understand what you are trying to communicate and then provides expertise to compose and enhance your collection of visual content in an attractive, compelling and easy-to navigate way.

2) follow through, follow-up, taking time to train you on how to update and edit.

3) coaching on how to best position and accelerate your web site objectives.
Jacquie Chandler


marketing reno
Happy to say Sandy knows her stuff. Her marketing knowledge, strategic insight and her ability to apply these broadly across sectors 21st century style was surprising and pleasing. She is my primary marketing resource.
Carole Bucher

Feldenkrais Method, Extra Space

marketing reno
Since working with Reno SEO, my floral event sales increased 500 percent. 
Alexandria W.

Founder & CEO, Seattle Florist Studio

marketing reno
CharitySmith has seen an immediate increase in new due to our site redesign. Sandy found a great balance of professionalism while maintaining a warm aesthetic!
Brenda Zimmerman

Executive Director,

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Learn digital marketing strategies like SEO and PPC, Advertising, Social networking and ways to grow your business. We meet twice a month in Reno Nevada. I also offer one on one SEO coaching and marketing strategy training sessions via Zoom or the phone for $179 one time investment.

Make great connections with local businesses, share marketing tips, join forces for good.


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The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

We believe that natural search ranking is the biggest benefit of being an improved website with results driven organic content and videos. This is a top-notch organic SEO service that can help you rank well in organic searches. With Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design has built, we make sure our Web links are your top priority in earn a higher page rank in search engine’s eyes. Yes, it is true that RWDR provides highly targeted links to your website against spam links or mails that you receive in everyday mail. It is important to make sure that you ignore any such mails that distract from your own sites.

If you search on search engines what appears under your search term? If you see a lot of links, this is what you should know about this search tool. No shopify SEO experts should use this manual review process for page ranks to come up with the best search tool.

Search engine magic is a little thing that is listed below every major search engine. This little thing is a promise derived from search engines. The calculation that Google makes later on how they rank sites across the web on services like Google Ads and Google organic searches have nothing to do with the ranking of a page on search engines. As we have said several times before SEO is an opinion or a mathematical formula. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate and it isn’t better than ignoring natural links. Typically this is something that you should ignore. The listing is determined by a fact that Google makes before ranking a page.

Search engines have no idea at all what people enter on their site in any way. It is exactly that simple. Because of the recent changes to the algorithm, search engines areorse related. Search engines do have the ability to tell why a site has been visited by a visitor and no one is going to visit a site just to listitself. They are putting extra weight on common sense.

If your target market has been fishmy around the web then you should immediately know that your site has a better chance of showing up in a pSpeed marketing service and to be a top page rank than a site that hasn’t even a link to drive a visitor by accident. We offer Search Engine Inbound Marketing program that will help set your prospects the straight every single time. This is a great service. It takes your product to the center of the internet. This is something that is under specialized but not critical with a better PRM strategy.

If you want your site to make an impact you will have to work smarter. While optimizing your site with a SEO service for search engine it is best for you to remember the art of community building or getting involved on other community websites. If you do this with good energy and a genuine interest in your prospects you will go far. For example Norellis is a great resource for marketing services.


Reno business experts you can trust, Sandy Rowley, leading digital marketing pro offers one on one SEO consultations for Reno area businesses. Let’s grow our Reno!