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  • 78% of all purchases begin online. (yes, even for storefronts) 68%
  • 80% of all buyers trust online reviews. 80%
  • 100% of online & offline shoppers comparison shop. 100%

Sandy Rowley, lead art director, has helped create custom web designs, e cards, logos, social media campaigns, email marketing, SEO and PPC advertising plans for some of the worlds leading brands. Some clients include:

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You want to be successful right?

We infuse all of our custom web designs with not only a magical, creative and impressive user experience, but we also kick it up a few notches and include a digital marketing foundation your website will need.

All of our custom website design projects include a full technical SEO audit before and after website launch.

Why do an SEO Audit?

Most ad agencies are in La La land, and only considering ifthe new web design  will allow their agency to win awards. With that being said, they do not even stop to think about the SEO or Search Engine Optimization side of a new web design project.

This often leads to the customer ending up with a beautiful and impressive webdesign, but a total nightmare when it comes to SEO or Google SEO. SEO is the bread and butter of growth for most businesses in the world today.

How are are you to know what web design or ad agency to work with?

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Digital Marketing Heroes

SEO is at the foundation of every custom web design we create. Why does SEO matter?

Google is the leading source of free and paid leads in the world. Optimizing your websites for Googles search algorithm makes good business sense.

An expert Digital marketing agency has to have a love for code as well as a fighting spirit to out wit, strive and compete for your top rankings online.

PPC advertising is hot as well. A well designed website includes mobile responsive, fast loading times, user interface design that is intuitive as well as coded in a way that search engines love.

Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design | Award winning, yes, motivated for you to succeed, most certainly. 

Although we have won our fare share of design awards, (The Webby Awards) and (CSS Web Design Honor) and a few others…that is not our focus. Our goals are to impress your clients, build your business and make you fall in love with what we do.  View a sample of our custom website designs and digital marketing results in our web portfolio.

7 Smart Tips for Effective Web Design SEO

You’ve started your own website, congratulations! But do you find you’re having trouble getting visitors? Sounds like you need to work on your web design SEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It’s the art of getting productive, quality visits to your site.

Wondering how to optimize your website for effective SEO? Then keep reading. Here are 7 essential tips for designing your website for better SEO.

1. Responsiveness

You cannot skip this step. If you do, you will never rank anywhere near the top of the search rankings.

Responsiveness means your site is automatically optimized for viewing on any device. That is, mobile users should be seeing your mobile site while desktop users are viewing your full site. Your site needs to detect what device is viewing it and automatically display the appropriate version.

If your site isn’t responsive, your search ranking gets a huge penalty from Google. Think of responsiveness as the foundation your site’s SEO is built upon.

2. Proper Site Organization

Now get those pages organized! Let’s start with URL setup.

You want to have your own, relevantly-named domain, not a subdomain. And it must be secure (meaning the URL starts with “https” and not “http”).

The pages of your site need to be organized as subpages (, not as subdomains ( Each subdomain of your site counts as a new website to Google, which won’t help the SEO of your main site.

Always use actual page titles for your URLs ( instead of a jumble of numbers and letters (

Next, your site must be organized so that visitors and search engines can easily find the content they’re looking for. Organize your site into categories.

Use a convenient menu system on each page that lists these categories. Use a bar menu at the top of the site or a popup menu under the menu symbol in the corner. The categories should expand into their subcategories when visitors hover or click on them.

3. Use More Than Text

Visitors and search engines hate boring walls of text. Avoiding this starts with proper formatting. Break up the text into small paragraphs, organized under several headings.

Whenever you can, find more exciting ways to make your point. Replace excess text with pics, videos or interactive elements. Each post should have a picture every few hundred words.

4. Reduce Loading Times

That said, don’t overload your site with tons of big files or complex design elements. These can lengthen your site’s loading time, which decreases your search ranking.

5. Post Great Content With Popular Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases people enter into search engines when searching. If your posts contain popular keywords, and they’re used correctly, people will find you when they search for them.

But they must be used naturally. Heavy keyword use is called “stuffing” and is penalized by Google.

With that in mind, use popular keywords to write great content. Don’t write your articles until you have the keyword in mind that you want to write about.

Then, write high-quality, helpful, authoritative content on the subject. Mediocre content won’t attract or keep visitors. And it won’t fool Google, either.

It’s a good idea to put the keyword in the article title and/or a subheading. This tells Google you are providing quality content on the subject.

6. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

These are the title and description people see when your site appears in search results. They should be enticing; give searchers a curious desire to read the rest. Keep title tags around 55 characters.

Add these to the HTML code of your site.

7. Use Analytics

Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools are great, free tools for site optimization. With these, you can track how well you’re site is doing and plan how to make it better. You can also set your location and target audience, do keyword research and more.

Web Design SEO

Use these web design SEO tips to boost traffic to your site!

Click here for some Great 2018 Web Design Examples.

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