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Importance of SEO Audits in Online Marketing Strategies

Getting your website optimized for top listings is probably the focal point of the internet marketing work you do for your site. It’s is very important however to periodically check your sites for areas that need updating or corrections from errors that have occurred since you started your SEO, to ensure that it maintains the best position in the rankings that it can.

Whats an SEO Audit? Sounds stressful…

Let’s make it clear from the start that SEO audits are not quite like traditional audits. The latter is done for marketing purposes. A well-executed audit – right at the onset- would mean that you have better knowledge on the performance of your site, its overall performance and the performance of the individual pages. Improved search engine rankings make for the only purpose of these audits. They are performed before the beginning of a project and at the beginning of a new quarter.

The purpose of an SEO audit is to source out positive actions that need to be taken to improve your site performance. This process should be performed on a monthly basis to ensure your website stays current and up to date.

An SEO audit is a vital process in any good Internet marketing campaign. It evaluates the performance of the entire marketing plan. Analyzing your marketing and website effectiveness is more than just checking the number of clicks your website had over a given period. It’s aimed at knowing the origin of each click, the percentage of clicks on your site that followed through to sales, weak points in your marketing scheme, other opportunities available to increase your clicks and other threats that may undermine your marketing abilities. Additionally, an excellent SEO audit will show you if the marketing you are doing is reaching the proper demographic.

Items Reviewed with a Custom SEO Audit

On-Page Review
It focuses on keywords on the website, where we place them, and whether or not the pages are set up to leverage the most important signals to their full effect (such as the use of <h1> and <h2> tags, Page Titles, Image Alt Text, etc.)

On-Site Review
Here you look at issues which affect the whole site, rather than each page individually. This is often where serious issues are uncovered (such as problems with internal linking, duplicate content, crawler accessibility, URL structure). This probably the more technical part of the audit and something which require a trained eye.

Backlink Analysis
Once you’re done checking out the pages of the site, then the entire website itself. You start looking at where the site is featured elsewhere on the web and who links to it, as well as how they do it. In addition to this, you build a list of desirable linking opportunities that people can either take away to a link builder or bring back to you to action.

Using a Free SEO Audit tool could be a good start in the right direction, but implementing a Full Technical SEO Site Audit can leverage useful data to grow your online rankings above and beyond what a free tool can offer.

Would you like a free 15 minute review over the phone? Call or text Sandy @ 775-870-0488.   with your website address, name and phone number. We can quickly assess your immediate website needs and offer a custom quote to perform a full technical SEO audit and even fix SEO errors that are found.

What is included in a Full Technical SEO Audit?

A high level and detailed overview of what technical items are hindering online SEO growth.

Some items that could be included in a custom SEO site audit are:

1. Page and Server speed.
2. Mobile friendly.
3. Structured Data errors.
4. Crawl Errors
5. Meta Issues
6. Robots.txt review
7. Internal linking
8. URL Structure
9. Incompatibility problems

The custom report will use down to earth language, easy to understand and digest as well as in depth technical clarifications needed to assess proof of findings. Most Full Technical SEO audits start at around an investment of $1900 and up depending on the size of the website property. Read more about SEO site audits here.


Full technical SEO Site Audits start at $900 and are ready for review in 2 – 4 weeks. I may require access to Google Analytics,GMB, FaceBook Insights and Google Search Console. Call Sandy now at 775-870-0488.