SEO Website Design : What do they look like?

SEO Website Design : What do they look like?

What Does an SEO-Friendly Website Design Look Like?

Your SEO probably stinks. Yeah, we said it, and we’re willing to bet we’re on the right track. You’re not struggling because you’re not trying, but rather because SEO is complex.

54% of small businesses don’t think they have the budget for SEO. We’re here to show that most of them are wrong. SEO doesn’t always mean extravagant keyword research.

Instead, SEO can refer to your entire website design. Everything from your links to your HTML affects your SEO. Though not many people know what they’re doing when it comes to an SEO-friendly website design.

Today, we’re bringing you our guide to SEO website design and how to ensure you’re maximizing your website’s visibility. Let’s get started.

On Page

On page SEO refers to any SEO aspect you can control. You can influence keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, links, etc. They’re the elements that make up the backbone of your SEO optimization.

Let’s go more into detail.


HTML formatting drives the design behind your website. Consider it the language your site uses to communicate with Google. Your HTML both paints a picture and informs Google what that picture means.

The best-designed websites heavily tailor HTML to help their SEO. Let’s look at the best of the best tips for HTML design.

Title Tags

Title tags are the headline link you see on the search engine results page. For example, our title tag is:

“Reno Web Design | Web Design, SEO, Marketing & Workshops | Reno …”

Always add a catchy title to your HTML title tag. Not only does it help draw clicks, but the title also tells Google about your website.

Headers H1, H2

Headers are the “titles” in your post, including the main “title” and the subheadings. They’re broken down into H1, H2, H3, H4 and so on. The larger the number the smaller the header font.

HTML headers should always contain both short and long-tail keywords. H1 tags contain the main keywords while H2, H3, and so on contain keyword variations and long-tail keywords.

Google looks at the keywords to help determine when to show your page. The best headers use a mix of specific and general keywords.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions refer to the small amount of text that sits under search engine results titles. Metas give searchers a brief description of what your web page is all about.

Though they also give Google that same description. Google uses your meta description to determine what your page discusses. Always include relevant information and keywords.

SEO Friendly Link Structure

SEO friendly link structure refers to Google’s ability to crawl and then index your page. The search giant’s “crawlers” need an easily navigable link structure.

Keep your web URLs relevant to your page structure. Also, keep the sub-URLs categorized and descending from the main URLs.

Think of linking like a pyramid. The top should point to the lower links, which then point to even lower links. Just ensure pages don’t get skipped.

Your Own SEO Website Design

Building your own SEO website design is best left to the professionals. While you might make it work, why take the risk? Our team of SEO experts can have your website up and running in no time.

If you’re ready to get started, just contact us. We’re here to help you shoot for the top of the SERPs.

SEO Website Designer

SEO Website Designer

What to Look for in the Best SEO Website Designer

Most small business owners and marketing professionals know the value of investing in digital marketing. The ability to target your exact customer base and build revenues through integrated digital strategies can change a business entirely.

But they don’t necessarily know how to get there. Plus, they don’t know what to look for in an SEO website designer.

Unless you proceed with caution you can waste time and money on the wrong campaign. Instead, use these tips to know what to look for in an SEO company:

They Perform an Audit Before They Do Anything

In every situation when you would like to get someplace you need to answer one question first: Where am I?

The same is true whether you are asking for directions on the road or trying to build your business. You need to know your starting point or you will get lost.

The best SEO company for your business will know this too. They will encourage you to find a starting point to build from.

Knowing your starting point means conducting an SEO audit. That way you will know what to improve upon and which direction to take.

Ask for Testimonials

An impressive 92% of people prefer referrals or earned media above all other forms of advertising. Before you choose an SEO company you need to make sure they have a proven track record of success.

They should have an extensive portfolio as well as testimonials from clients.

Go beyond the testimonials the SEO provider gives you. Research those businesses and any reviews you can find as well.

Pricing Information

One of the worst situations to get into with any consulting agreement is confusion about pricing. Unfortunately, many consultants work with complex pricing and fee structures.

You may think you are signing up for a complete integrated design only to find out otherwise down the road. You may face additional charges for basic services.

They should also be able to tie your marketing spend to a projected return. Every part of your design should lead to sales.

A Clear Map To SEO Success

SEO is not a mystery. The best designers will have a clear roadmap on how to get you from where you are today to where you would like to be.

Anyone who guarantees you top ranking in a search engine keyword should be avoided. They are making promises they can’t keep.

Instead, focus on their strategy. Ask them for the incremental steps they are going to take to increase your traffic, targeted visitors, and search results.

The Best SEO Website Designer

When it comes to creating a website around your business goals you need an SEO website designer you can trust. With over 1.9 billion live websites on the internet right now you can’t afford to get lost in the shuffle.

You need an SEO consulting company that works around your business goals, not just your digital marketing strategy.

RSM&W can help. We help businesses boost SEO and create conversions.

We will help you build your business, not just your website. Contact us today for a free digital marketing quote.

Reno Website Design

*Cut to the chase and speak with a local Reno website designer with a 5 STAR verified Google ranking as well as a 5 STAR ranking on Facebook, Linkedin and on Youtube. 775-870-0488

Are you looking to have someone build a website design that helps sell your products and services online?

Hello there, real quick, I wanted to share with you who I am, so you know that you can TRUST that the information I am sharing here for free is actually useful and still relevant.

Why is this important? Glad you asked. 😉

I have been creating custom website designs for over 18 years. I have seen every fly by night web design company or solo web design entrepreneur you could imagine. Some are new budding web designers, looking to learn their craft off of your hard earned money, others are looking to make a quick buck, sell you the moon and leave town without saying good bye.

How are you to know what web design expert is qualified to help grow your business with so many choices online?

Great question. You can start by asking people that you know and trust. Compile a list from trusted friends and family. Next, hop on Google and search for ‘Best Website Design in Reno’ or ‘Top Reno Web Designers’ and see what local Reno web designers come up in the Google search.

Now, look through each listing and look for verified Google reviews. Who has the most 5 star votes? What web design company is most active on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest?

reno website designers

Take note, if a website design or social media marketing company in Reno has a Facebook page or a blog that has not been updated in a few months, this is your warning sign. Worse, if they own social media sites do not have real followers or engagement, walk away man…just walk away.

You need a SUCCESSFUL website designer who knows how to do SEO and Social Media marketing that gets positive results, not some new millennial who has a few followers and not a flipping clue what he or she is doing, but would be more than happy to take your money.

DO YOUR RESEARCH, save your self some headaches and cold hard cash.

You know, as a successful Reno Business owner, that success comes from real hard work, not wishful ego mainiac dreams. If it is too good to be true, omg it is.

Want to test the waters with my SEO and Web Design skills? Join me for one of my free Reno Internet Marketing Workshops held at Swill Coffee & Wine.

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