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Atul Minocha
Partner & CMO
Chief Outsiders

Facing vexing growth challenges that seem particularly complex? Need a strategic marketing heavy-hitter but don’t think you can afford one?  Or can’t fathom how you might find one?

Atul Minocha is a Partner at Chief Outsiders, a national strategic marketing firm providing fractional CMO services to small to mid-sized companies throughout the United States and abroad.  Best of all, Atul has been a resident of Reno/Tahoe area since 2005.

About Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders was formed in 2009 buy a group of ex-CMOs (not consultants) who shared a belief that their C-level experience in Fortune-1000 companies would be of immense value to small-to-medium sized companies if only they could package their “experience” and “know-how” in an affordable, low-risk manner.

This led to the formation of Chief Outsiders offering fractional CMO services to companies throughout the country (and beyond).  Today, it has over 65 CMO’s available with hands-on experience in all verticals you can imagine.

Every engagement Chief Outsiders takes on is built on a premise that every client and every situation is unique.  While our immense experience always guides us in finding solutions to client problems, we do not bring cookie-cutter solutions to any problem.  If there were such cookie-cutter solutions, you could perhaps buy them on Amazon.

About Atul Minocha

Atul started his career with Toyota.  He considers himself lucky that in his very first job he had the umbrella benefit of a large global corporation while experiencing the thrills of a startup as he was hired to start their India operations.

After that start, Atul has had an opportunity to work in automotive, industrial equipment, medical equipment and devices, pharmaceutical services and technology verticals.

For the past 6 years, Atul has been serving small to medium sized companies and helping them get over their growth challenges.

Some examples of Atul’s work include:

  • Repositioned software company to stand out in a cluttered space.
  • Created a strong global marketing organization for a medical equipment manufacturer.
  • Rebranded current products to effectively co-exist with new digital products for 20% growth in overall market share.
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive marketing strategies leading to market share and revenue growth in six of seven product categories in medical equipment & devices area.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 11 percent in one year for a healthcare company.
  • Led business strategy development and implementation for a declining business. Operating margin improved from -8% to +12% in 3 years for an automotive parts manufacturer.
  • Developed “buyers’ personas” for targeted messaging for software, technology and healthcare services companies.
  • Helped a chemical manufacturer negotiate a JV agreement with an international technology startup in Israel and created its strategic go-to-market plan
  • Served two tours of duty as fractional CMO for a software development company and helped them achieve 3X revenue growth in 4 years.
  • Developed a new business model (a cross between “Uber” and “surgery centers”) for achieving higher utilization and acceptance of medical equipment in a specialty that tends to be conservative.


In addition to serving consulting clients as Partner at Chief Outsiders, Atul also takes his marketing and business knowledge to teach at graduate and executive levels in San Francisco, Dubai and London.

Atul has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and an MBA from Yale University.

Contact Atul on Chief Outsiders here.