Reno Marketing Event : Association of  Realtors

Reno Marketing Event : Association of Realtors

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
8 am to 5 pm / 5650 Riggins Ct, Reno, NV

Vendor Meetup/Coffee and Donuts
Facebook Marketing with Leading Online Marketing Expert, Sandy Rowley
Use Big Data to Develop Quality Leads
Transform the Way You Do Business with Cloud Agent Suite
Break / Raffle
Get More Leads…
Grow Business Pipeline / Manage Client Relations
Box Lunch / Raffle
Up Your Game
Perfect Pricing with Easy, Accurate CMAs
Break / Raffle
Save Time and Generate More Showings
Using the Parcel Map for Fun & Profit
Break / Raffle
Advertising in Compliance with RED
Video Marketing Tools & Techniques
Wrap Up / Questions / Vendors Available until 6 pm
Sandy Rowley
Alice Heiman
Nobu Hata – Keynote Speaker
Realtors® Property Resource (RPR)
CRS Data
Scott Beaudry & Jan Holle
Scott Beaudry
Conference Agenda
Time Topic Speaker/Vendor

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Makers of
W+R Studios: Cloud CMA, Streams & CMA