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“Last month, December 2018, my website crashed…. pages were lost and people were unable to make orders. I don’t know how long it had been down….my last online order had been in early November. I had spent a fortune building this new website and sales had been worse than my 9 year old website had ever had.

I liked the artistic elements and the updated feel, but it just wasn’t producing. I was told it was the WIX’s platform. Google didn’t respect the platform and it didn’t score well with their SEO.

The last years sales online had suffered greatly as a result, even though I had had record sales through my ever expanding commercial distributor network.

I guess now…. I consider it a blessing that the website crashed.

I met Sandy Rowley from at a business meeting at the “Innervation Center”.

Immediately I learned that she was an expert in SEO and website design. She gave me a quote to move my website and proceeded to reconstruct and transfer the sight to Shopify. Shopify had been recommended to me by others the last few months.

I agreed to her proposal and within a week she had it up and running. It was Christmas time and we all had other things in mind. My products are not Christmas time items but immediately after new years, I started getting website sales. I had sales 6 out of 7 days that first week.

I always believed that my website was key to my overall success and now I’m convinced that I will exceed my record year of 2018.

I commend Sandy for her efforts to reconstruct and transfer my website.

She did a fabulous job and was very fair about it.

She’s easy to work with and pays great attention to the little details.

She has earned my respect and loyalty.

I will recommend her to all my contacts in the future without hesitation.

Sandy is a true professional and her awards and credits are no joke.

I’m so glad she showed up when I needed help. I’m confident she will do fabulous work for anyone.”


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