In 2017, 84% of businesses that used pay per click marketing (PPC) reported success, compared to just 1% who reported no valuable return.

Can you afford to not be using this high-converting, super-targeted, budget-friendly form of marketing?

If you’re still not sure whether this is the right marketing strategy for you, then check out these advertising benefits of PPC.

Advertising Benefits of PPC

Many managers will see ‘Pay Per Click’ and hear the word ‘expensive’ ringing in their ears.

However, there are many advantages to using PPC for advertising – not least that it’s actually much cheaper and more budget-friendly than you may think.

1. Immediate Visible Results

PPC campaigns deliver immediate trackable results. You can see what’s working, what isn’t working, and control your campaigns based on near real-time data.

You can set goals for your PPC campaigns to see the exact efficacy of each campaign. For example, if a campaign aims to get people to add a certain product to their basket, you can see if they do this.

2. Highly Targeted Audiences for Improved ROI

You can tailor your PPC campaign to as specific an audience as you like. This helps you to control costs, but also means that only the most relevant potential customers will see your advert.

The more targeted an audience that sees your advertisement, the higher the return on your investment. Traditional advertising, such as a billboard or commercial, is paid for regardless of who sees it. PPC advertising is only shown to those who are already looking to buy your product.

3. Higher Brand Awareness

Even if people don’t click, they’re going to see your brand advert for their related search query.

People searching for your products and services will see your brand advertised when their search results come up. This means that your brand awareness will rocket – and with the right audience, too.

4. Great Budget Control

You can switch a PPC campaign on or off at the click of a mouse. If your product promotion has ended, for example, then that campaign can be ended.

If you’re not seeing the results you need, then you can pause a campaign while you study the data to tweak and improve the targeting. You’re not spending money on advertising that you know isn’t working.

5. Create a Goldmine of Data

For every campaign that does – and doesn’t – work, you’re going to find out more about how your ideal customer ticks.

You’ll be able to see which high-performing keywords in adverts are driving your customers to your website. You can see where they go once they’re on your site – and what other products and services they look at other than the one advertised.

You can even see the time of day your advert is most successful, the audience demographic, and the PPC channels which drive the most customers.

This data will improve your offline and SEO marketing as you learn more and more about your customers.

Why PPC Needs Great Web Design

The advertising benefits of PPC means a high number of visitors will come to your website – but if your site isn’t easy to use, you might as well just burn money.

You need to make sure that your web design provides an engaging and easy user experience for anyone that visits via your PPC campaign.

Talk to us to find out more about how we can help improve your web design to improve your sales conversions.