SEO And SMM Tactics To Promote Your Brand Awareness

SEO And SMM Tactics To Promote Your Brand Awareness

When we talk about SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing), both are among the most trendy practices to drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. Collectively, both SEO and SMM could bring about 60 to 65 percent of your website traffic and play an important role in the promotion of your brand.

Although these are two different strategies, if you are planning to promote your brand and boost its awareness, there is no doubt that using them together could benefit you a lot.

Before we head into some strategies, let’s understand the difference between SEO and SMM.

SEO & SMM – A Comparison

Here is a table that describes two strategies very well.

Although the primary goal of SEO is not to promote your brand, it majorly focuses on bringing organic traffic to the site. However, with some smart tactics, you can increase brand awareness as well.

On-Page SEO Tactics For Brand Awareness

On-Page SEO is more about focusing on the content and visualization of your website on the SERPs and the internet. Let’s see how some On-Page SEO tactics can boost brand awareness.

Branding In The Title

We all know that title is the first feature that appears in front of the user when they search for anything on search engines.

Using a brand name in the title can not only be helpful in increasing the awareness of your brand among the users, but will also be a great SEO factor to boost your rankings in SERPs.

Using Brand Name In The Description

Just like in the title, the brand name could be used in the description as well. This is something where you can naturally use your brand name to attract the audience and increase your engagement.

You can use different variations of your brand name and its synonym so that somehow the users can remember the name.

Spreading Brand Awareness Through Headers

Experts have often observed that Google places your headings in the title and displays it to the users. Moreover, when a user visits your website, the first thing they will scroll through your content is the headers. Here is an example of how Dissertation Assistance has used it naturally in their H1.

Placing your brand name in the headers will help them memorize your brand name and your services as well.

Branding With The Help Of Content

This technique is often used by almost all brands, but worth mentioning here as content is something that creates value among the users and the search engines as well.

Make sure that you are not using it more than the recommended times that it can hurt your SEO. For instance, in the content of 1000 words, you can use your brand name 3 to 4 times. It will have a great impact on increasing your brand awareness among the visitors to your webpage.

Off-Page Tactics For Brand Awareness

You can also use various Off-Page SEO strategies to boost your brand awareness. Let’s look at how it is done.

Business Listing

There are numerous business listing websites with a variety of users and visitors across them. Target these websites and create your listings.

This helps in the promotion of your brand and increases traffic to your site as well.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a simple way to create contextual backlinks for your website. With some steps, you can easily increase your brand awareness through guest posting.

  1. Contact an authority website within your niche and offer them your guest post with a suitable title.
  2. Once they allow you to write for them, create engaging content and place our brand name somehow.
  3. You can place the brand name while mentioning any example or a case study you have conducted.

This way, you will have a brand mention from an authority website that will work as an SEO factor, and more importantly, will allow the readers of that particular blog to know about your brand.

Review Websites

Reviews are a great source to build trust among the users and improve your brand awareness as well. You simply utilize websites like Google My Business, Foursquare, BingP Places, Yelp, etc., to create your account and ask your users to post a review.

Creating your presence on a review website is really an amazing strategy. It will not only encourage the users to trust your services but also works as an SEO factor for search engines to rank your site better.

How SEO Links SMM To Boost Brand Awareness?

Social media marketing could be used widely to increase your search engine visibility. It allows search engines to feature your social media pages on the SERPs when people are looking for something from your brand. You can utilize numerous social media techniques to increase your search engine visibility and brand awareness.

Social Networking

This is the first step towards SMM, where you target some of the popular social media platforms to create your business presence. Make sure that your target audience are using that social media platform.

For example, if you are trying to engage some professionals, you are more likely to get them through LinkedIn. It’s not avoidable to focus on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, but your mainstream platform for increasing brand awareness will be LinkedIn in this particular situation.

Social Media Posting

According to the survey conducted by Essay Editing Services UK, 54% of social media users prefer video content. Videos bring more engagement and spread your brand message in an easy and convincing way.

This does not mean that the other type of content will not work. Basically, it’s about visual content. Do not rely only on the text.

While Summing It Up…

There are various SEO and SMM tactics which help us promote the brand message and boost awareness among the users. Some of the crucial techniques are discussed here in this content which will not only help you to spread your brand message but also improve your visibility in search engines.

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