Meet up with others in the area and have a darn good conversation on pre selected topics!

We have put together a small and friendly group of  Reno peeps who are looking to get together and talk about anything interesting and share stories, ideas and inspiration. The goal of this group is to have fun, stimulate ideas and share with others in our community.

I decided to convert our Reno Business Leaders into an open group of free thinkers and intelligent creatives to get together, safely, and enjoy each others company.

If you happen to make a business connection, good for you, but this is not the goal of the group. If you come to “Sell” hard, you will  not be invited to the next outing.

What to expect?

  • Meet up with 3 to 20 other people at a local park, outside, preferably in the daylight Sun. (lots of germ killing UV rays) and Fresh air, space and masks if you so chose.
  • Bring your own hot beverage and food of your choice.
  • We will choose a card from the conversation starter deck and pair off into intimate groups to discuss the chosen topic.
  • We will have about 20 minutes per table or group to discuss the topic, then switch to get a chance to  talk with new friends.

The goal of this group is to communicate with others, building a sense of community and friendship. Also to bring wonder, inspiration and thought provoking ideas into your life.

Benefits of this free group

build communication skills

connect with new people

share experiences

learn new things

get inspired

have fun

Add your Name, email and phone number to this list. I will email everyone with date/time/location and possible talking points.

Reno Networking & Fun Group

8 + 15 =