Is your website mobile friendly?
Is your web design impressive?

Hello, my name is Sandy Rowley. I am a local Reno Nv web designer with a special talent for ranking your website at the top of Google search results. Why does this matter? If your website is not SEO optimized or designed correctly, you are definitely missing out on new clients, sales and leads. Re Design your website to attract the crowds of new clients looking for your products and services in Reno. Request a friendly review of what you need over the phone with Sandy.


Reno is a fast growing city. Your website must be up to date, impressive and mobile ready. I can have a professional website design ready and live in little as 2 weeks. Lets chat soon about your opportunity to grow your business this year online. Located in the heart of Midtown, Reno Web Designer is conveniently located close to all the action. 800 Haskell St, Reno, NV 89509.


We are the only SEO & PPC firm in Northern Nevada that GUARANTEES our marketing work. If we do not rank your website for your keywords, we do not charge you for the month. PERIOD.  Your marketing account will be monitored closely for opportunities, potential pitfalls and competitor analysis to ensure your business is the local authority for your field.

Reno SEO, Marketing & Design
800 Haskell St, Reno, NV 89509

Plans and Pricing

Your website design needs to be unique, impressive and easy to use. We take the time it takes in order to create a one of a kind experience for your clients. Most custom website designs start at $1500 – $8500 and includes SEO optimization, mobile ready and conversion rate optimization for the most optimal results online.

Do you need a new web design?

Hello, my name is Sandy Rowley, I am a local Reno Web Design expert with over 18+ years experience in creating unique web designs that help clients increase their rankings in Google search and sales.

Designing a new website should be one of the highest marketing priorities for your business this year.

Websites that are custom designed for a sales goal provide more ROI (return on investment) than template sites you will find on and

Why is this the case?

Put yourself in your customers shoes.

Say I am in the market for a new car. I hop onto and search for ‘Buy a new car in Reno”.

These are there results that I see first in Google search:

Reno Web Design

Notice that the top 3 results are all paid ads. Each time a customer clicks on those links, the business pays Google $5 – $45!

Notice the results below the paid ads, those are in the free clicks area. Each time your customers click on those links, you get a sale and do not have to pay Google anything.

Sounds nice huh?

How can you get your small business website to rank in the free clicks section of Google?

Its easy. There is a reliable algorithm or trick to do this.

I am creating a small business SEO marketing class to be released soon. Make sure to sign up for the release.

Now, lets get back to the stuff you need to know now.

Creating a web design for your business is very important, so why would you use a free template that thousands of other business use for their business? Seriously? Do you want your business web design to look exactly like the plumbers website down the street? LOL I hope not!

That is what you get when you use sites like Wix and Squarespace or God for bid, Godaddy website builder!

I can’t tell you how many calls a year I get from small business owners in a frantic rage once they realize that they spent months “designing” their company website, only to realize that their site matches a competitors site down the road.

Web Design Reno

Yep, I spent 60 hours on a website design that looks like hell.

Or worse, a new customer called them up confused because they visited your website and though you were XYZ competitor!

You have to ask yourself, are you a web designer or are you a XYZ business owner who has enough to deal with each day, let alone trying to become a super star web designer on your off time.

Designing a meaningful and easy to use website is hard work. The rules are constantly changing. What website looks good on a PC will often look horrible on a mobile phone and vice versa.

Did you know that there are thousands of mobile devices the average web designer has to design for?

Crazy huh?

Reno Website Design

You have better things to do than spend what free time you have, learning how to design a website with a free template. Like, growing your business, keeping your clients happy and beating the competition.

If you tallied up the amount of time it would take you to learn how to design your own website with one of these “easy” web design sites, you could be looking at another 60 hours of work at least. And for what? To end up with a template website that is not quite right and looks like the bail bonds companies website who used the same darn template.

What is your hourly rate? Seriously? Are you super cheap web designer billed at $10 an hour or do you bill your time at $140 or more per hour?

Reno Nv Web Designer


Figure this one out. Why would you spend 60+ hours designing your website from a cheesy template when you could hire a web design expert who will do all of the top level design and marketing work required to launch a truly professional website for your business?

Also ask yourself, what would you pay an employee per hour to design your website who has no previous experience designing websites and or does not really have the business savvy to understand what type of website converts eyeballs to cash at the end of the day? My guess would be that you would start them off at $8.25 an hour, right? So, you would be paying your new employee $8.25 an hour to learn how to design your most important marketing piece for your business, your website! Wow a whopping $425 to design a website. Sounds like a good deal to me. But wait, there’s more.

Now you have a 5 – 10 page website, that most certainly looks like all the thousands of other companies who used the same template to design their site.

You also have a site that is not SEO optimized to rank your company in the free clicks section of Google.

You also have a website that is not mobile ready or works well on smart phones. Mobile counts for at least 50% of your website traffic fyi.

And to top it all off, you have an employee that is seriously considering opening up his new web design company, thanks to your investment in his early web design career.

All of the above items holds true if you took the time to learn how to design your own website. Your hourly rate is at least $65 an hour right? Wow, now your looking at $3900 to design a cheesy website that is an embarrassment to your sales reps on the floor.

Why not invest $1500 and hire a seasoned web design professional who will design an amazing website in 2 weeks or less, include SEO optimization needed to help your search rankings in Google and OMG is mobile friendly?

Reno Web Design

Best $1500 I have ever spent on my business.

Take the $1500 tax right off and go on a vacation, which you probably need.

Web design is hard. And to get it right, you need to be in the trenches every day learning, growing and learning some more to stay ahead of the pack.

Lets hop on the phone or meet in person to discuss how your business can be the leader of the local pack with a customized web design that will yield a higher than expected return on your small investment. Request a friendly review of what you need over the phone with Sandy.

Reno web designer Sandy Rowley


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

With Sandy’s expertise our company sky rocketed up the search engine list. Her professionalism, SEO skills and customer service is second to none. Thanks to her the Pure Glow Salon has experience a substantial increase of web hits, phone calls and most importantly dollars to our bottom line. If you are looking to do the same for your business the only option is Reno SEO, Marketing & Design.

Greg Enholm

CEO, Pure Glow Salon & Spa

a month ago

I have worked with few other seo companies in California in the past but I wasn’t happy at all . I found Sandy at Reno seo on Google and I called her and she was great and explained to me everything i need to know and she did a full report on my site , then we met and she talked more about my site and how she can help me rank better . She put together a plan for me so I can start on my own and she’s giving me 2 hours of training which I’m very excited about . She’s very responsive and very quick responding .

Sally Piano

CEO, Sally Piano Music

5 months ago

Absolutely fantastic. After working with multiple companies, hours and hours of research, and nothing but excuses money and time, all it took was working with the right people. The nightmare that used to be SEO is long gone. Marketing your company should not be a DIY project. Thank you Sandy for your incredible work!! Can not recommend enough.

Travis Moore

CEO, Bail Bonds Unlimited

a month ago

Very professional and clearly knows her stuff. Highly recommended.

Dan J. Lovelle

Attorney At Law,

3 months ago

What a great job! Pleasure to work with. Smart & Responsible. She’s mine, all mine. Excited to launch my new website for Towelster!

Dan Raucch


5 months ago

Sandy with Reno SEO, Marketing and Design is amazing. She handles all of my Website and SEO needs flawlessly. I have seen our numbers grow and page by page. She has earned my trust and gratitude 10 fold. I will be referring everyone that asks

Andy Renshaw

CEO, Vix Hawg

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