5 Essential HTML Text Codes for Boosting Your Website’s SEO

5 Essential HTML Text Codes for Boosting Your Website’s SEO

Did you know that 93% of website visits begin in a search engine? Organic results get 70% of the clicks too. If you want a piece of that pie you better make sure your website shows up and performs well.


Optimize your website with HTML text codes that the search engines love. Keep reading to learn the best SEO code to use.

HTML Text Codes: The Page Head

Meta tags are in the section of your websites HTML code. Google reads both HTML and XHTML meta tags.

They inform search engines and users what to expect from your page. But keep in mind, Google ignores tags that it doesn’t understand.

Here are the meta tags you should make sure are in every page’s HTML code.

Title Tag:

The title tag is one of the most important HTML codes for increasing your visits. The title tag shows up as the main title for your page in search engine listings and on social media shares. It’s your page’s first impression; make it count!

You should include the keywords that you’re targeting with that page in the title. Get creative with this so that it also draws the searcher in and nudges them to click it. Knowing a little psychology helps with writing title tags that work hard for your business.

Keep your title tag around 50 to 60 characters because any more than that will truncate in Google. You’ll also want every title tag to be unique.

Meta Description:

The meta description tag contains the content that’s shown in the snippet on search engine results. Keep your description to 150 to 160 characters, about two sentences. Include your target keyword again.

A well-crafted description should let consumers know that your content can answer their question. Matching search intent will get you higher click-through rates and lower your bounce rates.

Speaking of bounce rates, keep them low by making sure that your page content delivers what you’re promising in the title and description.

Content Header Tags:

People often confuse the terms that refer to the main title of a piece of content with the head tag that appears in HTML code. It’s not hard to understand why, since they’re both called header tags.

However, the H1 tag here refers to the bold, enlarged title at the top of a page containing content underneath. There is also H2 tags, H3 tags, and so on. Each descending tag ranks as less important and appears a bit smaller.

Content header tags provide visual organization of content and increase usability. Google factors usability into rankings. H1 tags also signal to search engines the most important piece of information on a page.

Image Tags:

Describe what your image is with image tags. They’re an important indicator for screen readers, increasing your accessibility factor in search engine rankings. They also help image spiders learn what the image is.

If you’d like your graphics to rank in image results, include the alt and title tag in your HTML code. Use your relevant keyword in the image tags, as well as in the image name.

Avoiding Duplicate Content:<rel=”canonical”></rel=”canonical”>

If you have pages that are similar in content, set one of them as the preferred version with a canonical tag. Doing so avoids a potential duplicate content penalty with the search engines.

A canonical URL is also used to consolidate page ranking for websites that syndicate their content.

What’s Next?

Get started going through your code page-by-page and applying the HTML text codes above. Keep track of your changes and ranking results so you can see what’s working.

If this all seems overwhelming and you’d like some expert help with it, contact us for a free SEO audit.

Audit SEO online

SEO web design is fast becoming a popular keyword searched online. What is SEO? How can SEO help my business reach our goals? Should I invest in learning this or can I trust an expert to do the job?

SEO is a marketing strategy that helps businesses reach customers at the point of their motivated need to find the best products and services.  Imagine being in the right place at the right time. Client is ready to purchase a new car, they hop onto Google and search for something similar to “Best new cars” or “affordable new cars near me”.  Being that purchasing a new car is a large investment, the time to purchase will usually be a longer one. This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with the searcher who is in the market for your services and products.
Content creation is a great way to build up trust and product education opportunities.
Having a large website with resources to help the car buyer make sound buying decisions is a great start. Offering reviews, videos, calculators and tips for upkeep and maintenance are great ideas for sharing useful information that helps to build confidence in your companies offerings.
Before redesigning the company website or implementing a web design refresh, running a full technical SEO audit will give the marketing team a blueprint or guide to help either the website design company or in house IT team protect current SEO rankings during the site redesign.
Best SEO practices can ensure minimal loss in Google rankings during a site migration and / or site re design.
One of the most popular search terms around SEO are:
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Although websites in low volume niches are easier to rank in Google for their desired keywords, larger companies who are in very competitive markets need a dedicated expert with experience in out ranking online.  Digital marketing involves a great deal of resources, tools and requirements that change quite a bit. Unless you have ample time to dedicate to learning, testing and acquiring needed information in this market, doing your own SEO could cost you thousands in sales if done incorrectly.

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SEO audit template

  1. verify domain age.
  2. check website mobile friendliness.
  3. assess website speed is less than 3 seconds load time.
  4. review on site SEO factors.
  5. check click through rate.
  6. verify in Google Search Console.
  7. check sitemap.
  8. check htaccess file
  9. check robots.txt file
  10. check duplicate content stats.

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Audit SEO | Why you need an audit before and after a site re design

Audit SEO | Why you need an audit before and after a site re design

Company websites are one of the most important pieces to a successful marketing campaign and even business plan. Companies that focus their efforts on creating an engaging experience for their customers online, tend to out perform their competitors.

The look and feel of a custom web design is paramount to  its success, but what lies beneath that branded website, is where SEO audits redirect their focus.

Most of the new SEO auditing services we provide each month, come from new clients who started to lose SEO organic traffic and wanted to know why.

The usual culprit is a site redesign.

A full technical SEO audit shines light onto areas of the new website design that may not be up to par with Google’s SEO requirements. Most of the findings fall along simple and careless changes done by the ad agency or web design company.

SEO audits can take up to two weeks. A full report includes action steps needed in order to correct the issues. After these errors are corrected, we can get a websites rankings back within a few months or less.

Learn more about SEO audits:

How to perform an SEO audit

SEO audit template

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SEO audit software

SEO audits

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SEO Expert Audits


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