Efficient and effective strategies to increase customer engagement

Customers are the heart of your business whether it involves selling software programs, custom video games, E-Books, consulting, or any other physical product, without devoted and faithful customers your business will fail. If you are looking for strategies to captivate customers, keep reading.

The way you interact and involve yourself with your customers matters. People in general have a decrease in attention span and because customers come from different and various sources it’s important to attract engagement on mobile and desktop devices.
A new report showed that approximately 50% of web traffic to retail websites comes from smartphones and tablet devices and 30% of those sales are made through the same electronic devices.

Using social media as a commitment not just a platform

A 2015 poll that was conducted showed world population to be 7.3 billion and out of these 2.3 billion people are active social media users.
When people follow you on Instagram or Twitter or like you on Facebook they do this because they trust that you will provide support when they need it. With customer engagement, promotional strategies, you can maintain and keep your customers satisfied. Use social media as a tool where you can create connections with viewers by actively engaging and providing interesting content they can relate too and keep them interested.

Engage customers with IPC (In-Product Content)

There are several avenues that can be used for customer to notify your customers about new product content through messaging, some customer engagement strategies include the following:

• Mobile Games
• Social Media Games
• Email Marketing
• Newsletters
• In-product messaging
• Customer support

Out of these avenues the most popular and that has proven to be more efficient and effective is In-Product messaging. Customer response is much greater to In-Product than any other avenue.

IPC (In-Product Content) is a great strategy to increase customer engagement. IPC or promotional ideas refers to messages that are delivered straight to user’s electronic device with the intent to inform, get feedback, from engaging with a specific customer or customers at greater rates other than marketing channels.

Promotional ideas for customer engagement

The definition of a customer is someone who has taken an action that would benefit a business. It takes concentration, money and time for a customer to use your product. A study conducted showed that free customers act differently than paying customers. Starting a relationship with a customer through a free trial will increase customer engagement and will also influence how long they will remain your customers and how devoted they are towards your product.

To increase customer engagement and drive free trial users to upgrade and use premium features you need to interact, involve and form a relationship. To obtain the best results you should give them a chance to get to know you first. It’s as easy and simple as letting your free trial users know you by name so they become more comfortable and begin trusting your brand and becoming devoted customers.

Exchanging information with VIP customers with promotions

IVP customers are those users that have been with your business for a long time, have referred friends, purchased products, family members or enthusiast of your business. VIP’s are not one time customers. Having many VIP customers could mean that your business will advance regardless of economical turmoil’s. There are three types of VIP customers:

• General VIP are customers who are devoted to your business brand. They are customers who purchase products over a period.
• Community VIP customers are not big spenders, but you need them because they are usually the customers that refer your new customers. Bloggers fall into this category since once they post a blog about your products you can expect hundreds if not thousands of new subscribers and users.

Deliver valuable content and products to your customers

A great marketing engagement strategy can be gained through delivering useful and valuable content and products that attract your customers. When you truly value your customers, and provide support you will gain an army of devoted customers.

Learn more about increasing customer retention and engagement.

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