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The state of Nevada has put together a list of things to keep in mind when starting a business in Nevada. You can download the free business PDF here.

View our local Reno guide on how to start a business here. (UPDATED GUIDE)

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SEO Reno Searches up 1100%

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I moved to the Reno Nevada area from Eastern Tennessee 15 years ago. I love the great, western outdoors and small town feel of the Reno area. Over the years, I have seen amazing growth and decline then more growth.

I have always ran either an online business and/or website design company. Tracking the amount of clicks and / or searches a particular keyword receives each month is part keeping my SEO Company very competitive.


Call Sandy @   +1 (775) 870-0488  for a free consultation of your website, social sites and marketing.

SEO Expert Sandy Rowley

“Thousands of searches are performed each day. Local Nevada citizens who are looking for products and services in the Reno Nevada area.” Sandy Rowley


A local, growing statistic is now showing that more and more Reno Nevada businesses are learning the value of ranking their websites on the first page of Google for local keyword searches.

Years ago, I would notice in my keyword research, that only a handful of companies would look online for an SEO company or an internet marketing expert. Fast forward 5 years, and how we have hundreds and in some months, thousands of searches for keywords like:

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Google SEO Stats Growth

Google reports that over 20% of their daily searches are for words or keywords that no one, on earth, has ever searched for in the history of Google search engine results. That is an amazing fact to learn! (these numbers are growing and changing daily fyi)

The opportunities to rank for these new keyword searches are extremely motivating for an online business.

What are those keywords? What are they looking for? How can I position my small business website at the top of the Google search page for those keywords?


To add to this excitement, people are now using Voice  or Audio Search to look for local products and services. You can now use these popular keywords and add to them modifiers like “Siri, find me the best local SEO company in Reno” or “Where is a local SEO company” or “find me a local SEO expert”.


who is best seo expert in reno



With this amazing growth also comes choices, decisions and business/life changing solutions that you as the business owner need to get right the first time. SEO can really grow your online sales if done correctly and within Googles guidelines of what is considered White Hat and/or safe SEO and PPC (Adwords) marketing strategies.


how to rank my website in google

Before jumping in, do your SEO homework.

How to know what SEO expert to trust? Who will be there for you when you need them? Can I  afford a talented internet marketing expert?

SEO is a very competitive market. The select few experts enjoy a nice paycheck along side some rock star status in their business community. They have fabulous real reviews on Google and Facebook. They also have a local address where, if needed, you can stop by for a quick visit to say hello. 😉

As with any business you choose to hire, you need to look into their history online. This is easy to do.

Here is a quick checklist to research the best SEO expert for your business:

  1. Add them on Look at their reviews. No, really, look and read them. Do all of their reviews come from other SEO and Internet Marketing companies? If so, this is a HUGE RED flag. Why you ask? These are reviews from their potential competitors and is a tactic to game the LI system. Their reviews should be from real world customers that you can visit in person if needed.
  2. Check out their Google search. Do a search for their business name. Do a search for the name of the owner as well. Check out what other activities, if any, they are involved in around town.
  3. Also check out Facebook reviews, Google reviews and even on Yelp. Everyone in business has a few negative reviews. Some more than others. You want to look out for the SEO company with a million 5 star reviews from people or businesses you have never seen in Reno, Sparks, Carson or Lake Tahoe. These are fake reviews.
  4. Give them a phone call and see how responsive they are.
  5. Fill out their contact form on their website. Do they respond within a few days, weeks or never?
  6. Does the SEO expert rank for their own keywords like: Reno SEO, Reno SEO Expert, Reno SEO Company and so on?
  7.  Do you like working with the person? Call them or take them out to lunch. (I love Laughing Planet and Great full Gardens hint hint) Get to know them.
  8. Can you afford their marketing services? Do a quick review of your CPA or cost per acquisition. What does it normal cost you to acquire one new client? What is your average revenue? Then look at the CPC or Adwords cost per click and see how many searches are done on average each month in the Reno Nevada area. Example, your average CPA is about $75 a client. You use billboards, radio, tv, flyers, emails, friendly &  helpful employees, website pages and so on to capture their attention and make the sale. There are about 500 people a month in the Reno area searches for your services and products. If you rank your website at the top of the page in Google search, you can expect to get 200 – 500 unique visitors/leads to your website each month. What is your normal close rate? How many people do you speak with and how many of them sign up for your products or services? Use that percentage to get an idea of what a good, local SEO expert can bring to the success in your business.

I have several budget plans in place for most business owners. I look at several factors in determining how much work and upkeep will it take for me to rank your website pages for relevant keywords in Google SEO.

legal seo

Some clients pay $300 a month others pay thousands a month. It all depends. There is no one size fits all in the SEO field. I would be wary of any company selling a $45 a month SEO package. Most of these services are a waste of time and money.

My results speak volumes. I work with local painters, hvacs, lawyers, bail bondsmen, hair salons, co working spaces and startups. I also have clients located around the country.

I am committed to doing the best job I can for your business. I really do care about your success. I look forward to our first lunch meeting and/or phone call. Want to have a quick website review and audit? Click here for your free website report now.

All the best to you!

Sandy Rowley

Reno SEO, Web Design & Marketing
800 Haskell Street
Reno, Nv 89509

775 453 6120


Looking for Legal SEO or Lawyer Marketing Services? Learn how my set monthly fee services can increase your legal firms new client acquisition rate within one month or less.


Meetup Reno : Business Workshops

Reno Business Networking

Join our free, fun and friendly Reno Meetup Group for entrepreneurs. Learn digital marketing, web design, social media, marketing, networking and grow your understanding of how to start and run a successful business in the Reno Nv area. Lead by local digital marketing expert, Sandy Rowley.

Learn how to start a business in Reno Nv.


Reno Business Group

Reno, NV
123 Reno Business Leaders

Do you have or are looking to start a business in the city of Reno? Join local SEO marketing expert, Sandy Rowley and local Reno businesses each month for a free Marketing Wo…

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Marketing Workshop: Free Business Review. SEO, Social & More…

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018, 12:00 PM
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Would love to have you join our local Reno Business group. We host free marketing workshops and networking events. We just created a new Reno business group, would love to have you join us & possible give a talk some day? Click below to join free… 💗  Hope to see you at one of our next marketing workshops in Reno. Sandy

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2017 Business Workshop – past

We are off to the races! Tonight is the first of 12 evenings, where 25 local Reno Business owners set course to build business skills that will catapult their company into a successful 2017.

Reno Business

Reno Business

  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Service
  • Product Development
  • Operations & Administration

At Catalyst LIVE we are going to take a Deep Dive to help you work ON your business. You will learn from Cheri Hill and some of the best players in business how to blend smart practices to get things done so all the moving parts of your organization function smoothly. This is the real deal…no nonsense stuff because getting it done is the only way to grow!

12-weeks to a winning business strategy!

  • How to Harness the Power of Business Imagination.
  • Networking and the Importance of Achieving the Level of Master Connector.
  • How to Create Profitable Change.
  • How to Build Value for Your Shareholders (even if you are the ONLY shareholder).
  • Why Stagnation and Failure Comes From a Hesitancy to Make Decisions.
  • How to Plan for Success. Out-Think Your Competitors. Stay Ahead of Change.
  • Three Ways to Grow Your Business.
  • Why Marketing is all About Value. Creating Value; Capturing Value; Communicating Value; and Delivering Value.
  • Determine the most important growth strategy (structure, capitalization, staffing, products/markets, product development) to focus on.
  • And of course, so much more!


Efficient and effective strategies to increase customer engagement

Customers are the heart of your business whether it involves selling software programs, custom video games, E-Books, consulting, or any other physical product, without devoted and faithful customers your business will fail. If you are looking for strategies to captivate customers, keep reading.

The way you interact and involve yourself with your customers matters. People in general have a decrease in attention span and because customers come from different and various sources it’s important to attract engagement on mobile and desktop devices.
A new report showed that approximately 50% of web traffic to retail websites comes from smartphones and tablet devices and 30% of those sales are made through the same electronic devices.

Using social media as a commitment not just a platform

A 2015 poll that was conducted showed world population to be 7.3 billion and out of these 2.3 billion people are active social media users.
When people follow you on Instagram or Twitter or like you on Facebook they do this because they trust that you will provide support when they need it. With customer engagement, promotional strategies, you can maintain and keep your customers satisfied. Use social media as a tool where you can create connections with viewers by actively engaging and providing interesting content they can relate too and keep them interested.

Engage customers with IPC (In-Product Content)

There are several avenues that can be used for customer to notify your customers about new product content through messaging, some customer engagement strategies include the following:

• Mobile Games
• Social Media Games
• Email Marketing
• Newsletters
• In-product messaging
• Customer support

Out of these avenues the most popular and that has proven to be more efficient and effective is In-Product messaging. Customer response is much greater to In-Product than any other avenue.

IPC (In-Product Content) is a great strategy to increase customer engagement. IPC or promotional ideas refers to messages that are delivered straight to user’s electronic device with the intent to inform, get feedback, from engaging with a specific customer or customers at greater rates other than marketing channels.

Promotional ideas for customer engagement

The definition of a customer is someone who has taken an action that would benefit a business. It takes concentration, money and time for a customer to use your product. A study conducted showed that free customers act differently than paying customers. Starting a relationship with a customer through a free trial will increase customer engagement and will also influence how long they will remain your customers and how devoted they are towards your product.

To increase customer engagement and drive free trial users to upgrade and use premium features you need to interact, involve and form a relationship. To obtain the best results you should give them a chance to get to know you first. It’s as easy and simple as letting your free trial users know you by name so they become more comfortable and begin trusting your brand and becoming devoted customers.

Exchanging information with VIP customers with promotions

IVP customers are those users that have been with your business for a long time, have referred friends, purchased products, family members or enthusiast of your business. VIP’s are not one time customers. Having many VIP customers could mean that your business will advance regardless of economical turmoil’s. There are three types of VIP customers:

• General VIP are customers who are devoted to your business brand. They are customers who purchase products over a period.
• Community VIP customers are not big spenders, but you need them because they are usually the customers that refer your new customers. Bloggers fall into this category since once they post a blog about your products you can expect hundreds if not thousands of new subscribers and users.

Deliver valuable content and products to your customers

A great marketing engagement strategy can be gained through delivering useful and valuable content and products that attract your customers. When you truly value your customers, and provide support you will gain an army of devoted customers.

Learn more about increasing customer retention and engagement.

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Reno Business Workshop Series Announces Winner



reno business class

Lucky winner of our SOCIAL MEDIA BLITZ campaign on

Pam has won a full scholarship to Catalyst Live Reno! Business Workshop Series a $495 value.

***Make sure to say CONGRATS to Pam on Social Media here:


eWomen Network Reno

Annie from eWomen Network in Reno has an exclusive opportunity for The eWomen Network community….


We have 1 DEEPLY DISCOUNTED seat open for eWomen Network Members!



 1 Seat left @ $349!




Starting a business in Reno can be challenging even in the best economic climate. To succeed, an entrepreneur needs more than a Reno Business License or filed Articles from the State. They need courage, knowledge, foresight, good advice, plenty of determination, and a little bit of luck.

Many start-ups as well as seasoned business owners struggle unnecessarily and fail to reach their potential because they try to build a strong business on a weak foundation.  Businesses fail for many obvious reasons. They ignore their customers, they disregard market conditions, they miscalculate prices, they don’t have a plan, stick to a budget, or they lack managerial control.  But there is another huge factor for business failure that has nothing to do with outside factors – they were internal. They weren’t economic – they were emotional.

Cheri Hill, Facilitator and Vision Igniter has created CatalystLIVE! 12 weeks for Exponential Business Growth is a Reno business class for entrepreneurs interested in knowing how to start a business in Reno as well as existing business owners in search of a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model.

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“Cheri’s class is a must-do class, especially for the new business owner or entrepreneur. I’ve taken her class twice so far, and will take it again, as each series brings new insight.

Her original thinking, thinking outside the box, thinking of things you haven’t even conceived yet, and all the practical ideas and concepts discussed in the class are invaluable, as are the very interesting, original thinkers she has come in to speak on specialized topics.”

Geri McHam President
The Estate Planning Source LLC



Mary Pollard – Silver State Vaulting

“I learned so many things within the class…
it was one of the best classes I have ever taken.”

Jeff Busboom – JM Concepts

“It was an eye opening experience for me and really taught me how much I don’t know…we get to learn all over again what’s going to make our business a success…”


reno coworking business

Workshop to be held at Reno’s Hottest Co-Working Space.

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Looking for a reliable SEO, Web Design and Marketing expert in the 775 area code?

Hello, my name is Sandy, and I am the local internet marketing expert at I have over 17 years experience helping business owners rank their website for their most profitable keywords in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Organic search engine optimization is the most important marketing strategy you can implement.

I mean really, how did you find my website? Yep! You searched online for services related to SEO and lead generation and bam! You found me.

You know what else? I did not have to pay Google anything for this new lead. Unlike PPC and paid advertising, when you clicked onto this webpage, I did  not have to pay for the click.

Give me a call and learn how I can help you reach more customers with your website.

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