Internet marketing is the most important marketing strategy a law firm will invest in. Having a well thought out website design, internet marketing and email marketing strategy can make a huge difference in the amount of new clients signing up with your law firm.

Thousands of potential clients are searching for keywords in Google every day. Most are looking for a specific type of legal service. The goal of your website is to be highly optimized for these specific keywords. SEO or search engine optimization is the science and art of ranking a web page on your website for a certain keyword or keyword phrase.

Legal internet marketing can be very competitive and costly for most law firms. Attorney marketing is a specialized segment of SEO and requires expert level strategy and ongoing maintenance. My SEO services include integrated law firm web design along side of  legal SEO and PPC marketing services. Providing seo for lawyers requires a dedicated marketer with the experience and drive to always be on top of the latest Google algorithmic updates, in order to succeed.

Most small town attorneys are looking to just do a quick update and hopefully rank at the top of Google search for ever. This is an unreasonable fantasy. Marketing for lawyers or legal related industries like bail bonds, legal aid centers, law schools and similar are ideal positions for those looking to cash in on SEO rankings. Even if you are the only lawyer in your city that specializes in workman comp or divorce, I promise you that larger legal directories and review sites will come and out rank you. Often what happens is that a large legal directory with hundreds or thousands of law firms in the next closest, larger city, will start to out rank you in your small town.

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Currently (2020) there are over 19,000 legal directories online.

Some of the top legal directories that tend to rank in large and small cities are:

Price Domain
Cornell 76 Free
FindLaw 73 Quote
Avvo 73 free
Martindale 70 Quote
Justia 70 free. requires fax with bar number
Nolo 68 Quote 66 Quote

These large directory sites have tens of thousands of pages of long post content, thousands of quality back links and press coverage. Their huge online marketing budgets will beat out most small law firms every time.


The best SEO for lawyers, especially in small towns, are to get ahead of this trend and establish your law firm as the local go to guide for your given keywords.

Although these directories can be seen as a competitor, I highly recommend securing your law profile on these directories.

Lawyer SEO, will yield the highest return on marketing investment dollars. Working with a trusted and respected law firm SEO expert will set your firm above and beyond local and national competitors for years to come.

“Sandy with Reno SEO, Marketing and Design is amazing. She handles all of my Website and SEO needs flawlessly. I have seen our numbers grow and page by page. She has earned my trust and gratitude 10 fold. I will be referring everyone that asks.”
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A great example of what quality SEO services can do for a small law firm or legal services company is where my legal SEO client, Bail Bonds Unlimited, received some bad reviews in Google, but because of our SEO work and determination to stay on top of Google updates, their bail bond company out ranks local competitors with higher Google review ratings.

These SEO clients are all ranking multiple times on the first page of Google for their relevant keywords. Bail Bonds Unlimited has a poor Google review average, but still out ranks their competitors every time.

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“Absolutely fantastic. After working with multiple companies, hours and hours of research, and nothing but excuses money and time, all it took was working with the right people. The nightmare that used to be SEO is long gone. Marketing your company should not be a DIY project. Thank you Sandy for your incredible work!! Can not recommend enough.” Travis Moore Bail Bonds Unlimited Reno Nevada

Organic SEO is a cost effective way to reach clients when they are actively seeking your services. Adding a PPC Adwords campaign along side Organic SEO strategies can help your law firm dominate a local city. We can help your law firm website rank in PPC Adwords, in Google Map listing, then in the organic results below these highly sought after positions in Google search results.

Law firm internet marketing includes the top three marketing tactics used by successful law firms today.

  1. SEO (natural or organic rankings in Google search)
  2. PPC (pay per click) with Google Adwords, FaceBook and other large social networks.
  3. Press Coverage that protects branding and sets your law firm as the authority in your area.

As with any successful marketing campaign, research and proper planning make for a cutting edge marketing plan. I have a 4 step process that I follow with each on boarding of a new law firm which are:

  1. Learn about your law firm. What makes you special, amazing, affordable, hard core…. sets you apart from the other thousands of law firms in your state? You might be surprised. Does not mean you have to be sensational or the lawyer who wheres the chicken suit on TV. Your personality, temperament and way of working with your clients can be confident, calm, passionate, quick witted… you get the idea. I would like an hour of your time, in person or over the phone to really get to know about you and your law practice. This, will help me to determine the best marketing and branding style that will work well for your law firm.
  2. Research who are your top 5 competitors in your city. Also the top competitors in the closest city within a 150 mile radius. Why? Most small town citizens look forward to going to the “big” city once or twice a month for groceries, events, shopping etc. If they are looking for an attorney, their immediate thinking could be that in the “big” city are hundreds of lawyers to choose from. Some could also think that these attorneys are more experienced and even more affordable. Our job is to convince them otherwise.
  3. Review your existing website and online social profiles. Your website design is the very foundation of any SEO success your firm will attain. We will analyze the structure, reputation, SEO and link profiles to determine the amount of SEO work needed to set your firm on track to begin a solid internet marketing campaign.
  4. Next, I need to get a strong understanding of your law firms seasonal traffic. Do you find that your law firm signs on more divorce clients in the Winter or Summer months? Knowing what months drive the most clients in a particular area can help me get ahead of the trend with relevant and useful content, press coverage and guest blogging on related blogs. The idea is to have a marketing calendar where we can plan ahead to have related content ready for the rush or busy season.

Although I have 20 years experience in online marketing and web design, I offer reasonable rates for my SEO services.

Most of my custom, legal marketing plans start at $3500 – $15,000 a month retainer 

Law firm SEO services can include web design, website updates, email marketing, PPC (requires a $10,000 per month minimum budget), social media, content creation, quality back linking, press coverage, guest blogging, reputation management, multiple city rankings, monthly reports, advertising online, citations, directories and other white hat or safe internet marketing strategies that fall within Google guidelines.

I offer a CMO level marketing service at an independent contractor rate. I work with a limited amount of legal services and/or law firms within the US. I prefer to know my clients by name and be able to answer the phone when you call or need me via email, text or messaging app.

My SEO clients often refer their friends. When this happens, and if I can take on the new marketing account, I will send a monthly commission fee of 10% cash or credit to your account each month, for the life of the client.

I am open to offer my services for one month at a discounted rate to prove my worth. Then, after I have ranked your website and/or gain leads for your practice, we can discuss a fair monthly retainer based on a 6 month contract.

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