You are sitting at your office, patiently waiting for the phone to ring. Minutes, hours, days and weeks fly by, and you begin to get worried. Will your website ever bring in a new client to my law firm?

You decide actually to try and do something productive to kill time. You search for your law firm’s website online. You start scrolling down, down, next page, down, down. You’re baffled, can’t seem to understand the logic of this outcome since you had hired the services of a legal SEO just recently.

This is a common challenge, most Law Firms have with hiring large SEO companies. Most often, your law firm pays a small monthly fee of $99 – $500 a month to be added to a law directory where your law firm is directly competing with all the other legal sites listed in the same directory.

Although these lawyer directory sites have their value, they will not bring in the steady stream of paying clients your law firm requires to stay in business.

You need to employ the services of a well experienced, resourceful and result-based legal SEO expert.

That is what I am here for. I understand that you have too much on your plate right now to worry about why your website is not generating traffic. You can wash your hands of this tedious chore and everything to deal with your site, sit back and wait for the phone calls to start ringing in. Seriously. My legal clients do this every month. 😉

How do I achieve top SEO rankings for my attorney websites?

Unlike other legal SEO ninjas out there, I do not promise immediate results. Successful SEO and website optimization takes time and skill. I tailor your website to both look professional, work efficiently and keep the clients coming through the door. Although I am an affordable SEO for law firms, I am not a magician.

If your law firm is wanting to rank on the first positions in Google for keywords that get over $75 a click in Google Adwords PPC, you will need to have a sizable monthly SEO budget in order to compete at a profitable scale.

Depending on your SEO budget, I can research what keywords are not as competitive, but still bring in valuable leads to your law firm.  I have law firms who are seeing great returns on their ad spend investment each month.

Why your law firms website may not be working as good as it should…

It all comes down to who handles your legal SEO. Most law firms, sadly, fall prey to the money-hungry legal SEO “ninjas” in the market that promise you the stars and only deliver measly results. Their solutions may work for a short while, but sooner rather than later, the Google algorithms catch up to their phony tactics and your website gets penalized.

I can bet my life savings that these SEO “ninjas” are implementing either one or all of the following :

1. Working with ancient, and illegal SEO tactics. They’re probably taking keyword stuffing to a whole new level.

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