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Pam has won a full scholarship to Catalyst Live Reno! Business Workshop Series a $495 value.

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Starting a business in Reno can be challenging even in the best economic climate. To succeed, an entrepreneur needs more than a Reno Business License or filed Articles from the State. They need courage, knowledge, foresight, good advice, plenty of determination, and a little bit of luck.

Many start-ups as well as seasoned business owners struggle unnecessarily and fail to reach their potential because they try to build a strong business on a weak foundation.  Businesses fail for many obvious reasons. They ignore their customers, they disregard market conditions, they miscalculate prices, they don’t have a plan, stick to a budget, or they lack managerial control.  But there is another huge factor for business failure that has nothing to do with outside factors – they were internal. They weren’t economic – they were emotional.

Cheri Hill, Facilitator and Vision Igniter has created CatalystLIVE! 12 weeks for Exponential Business Growth is a Reno business class for entrepreneurs interested in knowing how to start a business in Reno as well as existing business owners in search of a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model.

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“Cheri’s class is a must-do class, especially for the new business owner or entrepreneur. I’ve taken her class twice so far, and will take it again, as each series brings new insight.

Her original thinking, thinking outside the box, thinking of things you haven’t even conceived yet, and all the practical ideas and concepts discussed in the class are invaluable, as are the very interesting, original thinkers she has come in to speak on specialized topics.”

Geri McHam President
The Estate Planning Source LLC



Mary Pollard – Silver State Vaulting

“I learned so many things within the class…
it was one of the best classes I have ever taken.”

Jeff Busboom – JM Concepts

“It was an eye opening experience for me and really taught me how much I don’t know…we get to learn all over again what’s going to make our business a success…”


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Workshop to be held at Reno’s Hottest Co-Working Space.

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Social Media Manager

Should I hire a Social Media Manager?

You know you should be interacting with your followers on social media, but have other things to do, like running your business. We know, we understand. Finding the time to keep your companies social media sites updated and useful seems like a painful chore. specializes in social media management for Reno businesses, non profits and startups. Most social media management packages are around a few hundred dollars a month. We include reports that show user engagement, click through rates and quality social media tagging features. We can even help do research on your competitors and figure out what is already working in your demographic for social media marketing and then implement those strategies with your internet and social media marketing plans.

What are the top social networks you should be active on?

It depends on the type of business you run and what products and services you provide. Does your business sell fashion items to teens? You should totally be on Instagram. Do you sell to other businesses? Then LinkedIn is your best bet. Baby boomers? Facebook will be your best friend.

I recommend having your companies brand secured on all the major search engines, but select 3 top social networks and focus on building a community of followers.

We have built up millions of views for our Social Media clients, and can help you achieve your goals as well.


Call or text Sandy by clicking the number to the right: 775-870-0488


Currently, the top social networks to setup your business profile account are:

No. Name Company Country [2] Launched Monthly active users Other metrics
1. Facebook Meta United States 2004 2.91 billion[1] 1.93 billion daily active users[1]
2. YouTube Alphabet United States 2005 2.291 billion[2]
3. WhatsApp Meta United States 2009 2 billion[2] Had 1 billion DAU when had 1.3 billion MAU[3]
4. Messenger Meta United States 2011 1.3 billion[2]
5. Instagram Meta United States 2010 1.2 billion[2] 500 million daily story users[4]
6. WeChat Tencent China 2011 1.225 billion[2]
7. TikTok Bytedance China[5][6] 2016 732 million[2]
8. Douyin Bytedance China 2016 600 million[2]
9. Telegram Telegram United Arab Emirates[7] 2013 600 million[8]
10. QQ Tencent China 1999 595 million[2] 267 million daily active users[9]
11. Snapchat Snap United States 2011 528 million[2] 265 million daily active users[10]
12. Weibo Sina China 2009 521 million[2] 241 million daily active users[11]
13. Qzone Tencent China 2005 517 million[12]
14. Kuaishou Kuaishou China 2011 481 million[2]
15. Pinterest Pinterest United States 2009 459 million[2] 98 million U.S. monthly active users[13]
16. Reddit Reddit United States 2005 430 million[2] 52 million daily active users[14]
17. Twitter Twitter United States 2006 396 million[2] 199 million monetizable daily active users[15]
18. Quora Quora United States 2009 300 million[2]
19. Skype Microsoft United States[16] 2003 300 million[17] 40 million daily active users[17]
20. Tieba Baidu China 2003 300 million[18] 1500 million registered users[18]
21. Viber Rakuten Luxembourg[19] 2010 260 million[20] 1169 million registered users[21]
22. LinkedIn Microsoft United States 2003 310 million[22] 700 million registered users[22]
23. Teams Microsoft United States 2016 250 million[23] 145 million daily active users[23]
24. imo PageBites United States 2007 200 million[24]
25. Line Naver Japan[25] 2011 169 million[26]
26. Picsart Picsart United States[27] 2011 150 million[28]
27. Likee Bigo Live Singapore[29] 2017 150 million[30]
28. Discord Discord United States 2015 140 million[31]
29. Twitch Amazon United States 2011 140 million[32]
30. Stack Exchange Prosus United States 2008 100 million[33]

What are the skills a Social Media Manager should have?

Social marketing combines a number of important skill sets and integrates them into a marketing campaign that increase customer loyalty, views and conversion. A top social media manager will possess graphic design experience, copy writing, customer service talent with a love for communicating with the general public and knowledge of social advertising & PPC tools. Top social managers have a clear understanding of the best social media management tools and when to use them. Social media is a great marketing tool if used correctly. Give Sandy a call today to learn how she can help manager your social media accounts. Read more on how to hire a social media manager for your business here.







Social Media Marketing in Reno

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Top Social Media Marketing Managers in Reno
Looking for a local and experienced Social Media Manager in the Reno Nevada area?

Hello, my name is Sandy Rowley. I can help grow your followers on,, and other social networking sites.


Before you hire a social media marketing expert, or company, make sure to view thier own Facebook profile. Are they getting likes, comments, shares and engagement? How about views on their videos?

Most social media marketers in our area have little to NO engagement on their own social media profiles. Make sure to speak with a local social marketing expert before signing on the dotted line.

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