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Join our free, fun and friendly Reno Meetup Group for entrepreneurs. Learn digital marketing, web design, social media, marketing, networking and grow your understanding of how to start and run a successful business in the Reno Nv area. Lead by local digital marketing expert, Sandy Rowley.

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Do you have or are looking to start a business in the city of Reno? Join local SEO marketing expert, Sandy Rowley and local Reno businesses each month for a free Marketing Wo…

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Marketing Workshop: Free Business Review. SEO, Social & More…

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018, 12:00 PM
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Would love to have you join our local Reno Business group. We host free marketing workshops and networking events. We just created a new Reno business group, would love to have you join us & possible give a talk some day? Click below to join free… 💗  Hope to see you at one of our next marketing workshops in Reno. Sandy

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2017 Business Workshop – past

We are off to the races! Tonight is the first of 12 evenings, where 25 local Reno Business owners set course to build business skills that will catapult their company into a successful 2017.

Reno Business

Reno Business

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At Catalyst LIVE we are going to take a Deep Dive to help you work ON your business. You will learn from Cheri Hill and some of the best players in business how to blend smart practices to get things done so all the moving parts of your organization function smoothly. This is the real deal…no nonsense stuff because getting it done is the only way to grow!

12-weeks to a winning business strategy!

  • How to Harness the Power of Business Imagination.
  • Networking and the Importance of Achieving the Level of Master Connector.
  • How to Create Profitable Change.
  • How to Build Value for Your Shareholders (even if you are the ONLY shareholder).
  • Why Stagnation and Failure Comes From a Hesitancy to Make Decisions.
  • How to Plan for Success. Out-Think Your Competitors. Stay Ahead of Change.
  • Three Ways to Grow Your Business.
  • Why Marketing is all About Value. Creating Value; Capturing Value; Communicating Value; and Delivering Value.
  • Determine the most important growth strategy (structure, capitalization, staffing, products/markets, product development) to focus on.
  • And of course, so much more!