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100 SEO & Marketing Tips & Tricks You Can Do Right Now

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💥 Success in business is all about taking action. Success with online marketing is all about measuring the actions you take. 💥

These Top 100 SEO and Marketing Tips are only the start… you must take action,  you must follow through.

1.    Install Google Analytics onto your company website. This is FREE and critical to your websites SEO success.

2.    Monitor your Google Analytics weekly to track what pages are generating the most views, clicks, sales and leads.

3.    Set up UTM’s to track what urls within your website are creating the most leads from your website.

4.    Track what pages have the highest bounce rates and learn why? Repair all errors on your high bounce rate pages.

5.    Find out what other websites online are sending your website the most traffic and why?

6.    Leverage popular websites from your Google Analytics and put more effort into those websites and communities.

7.    Setup and use Bitly and/or URL shorteners to track the success of a shared link on social media and/or other websites linking back to your website.

8.    Find out what queries are most profitable for your business via Google Analytics, then target those same keywords in PPC.

9.    Learn more about your website viewers demographics then use that data to target similar profiles on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin.

10. Have a traffic spike? Use Google Analytics to find the secret source of that traffic.

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😊 SEO is the art and science of ranking pages from your website in the free clicks sections of Google search results.

1.    Verify your business in Google, now! Top 100 SEO Companies all recommend a small business to get verified asap!

2.    Add as many photos and videos as Google will allow you.

3.    Get reviews on a regular basis.

4.    Choose the appropriate categories for your business.

5.    Create a landing page on your website that links back to your Business Profile on Google Maps.

6.    Use the free blog post feature within Google Maps to draw more attention to your free SEO listing on Google.

7.    Use Emojis to make your posts stand out .

8.    Invite your customers to upload photos to your GMB page.

9.    Complete the profile page on Google with as much information as you can.

10.Keep your GMB profile updated monthly.

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DREAMS don’t work unless YOU DO.


How to Optimize your website using free website builder.

1.    Use keyword at the top left position in the title of the article. Use catchy phrases to get users to actually click on to your listing on Google.

2.    Use images that are saved as your keywords.

3.    Embed related Youtube Video.

4.    Add paragraphs of content related to the keyword in the article.

5.    Have a call to action on every page.

6.    Click publish!

7.    Share your new SEO optimized post on all of your Social Media accounts.

8.    Link to your new post from the home page of your website.

9.    Send the new blog post out to your email subscribers and invite them to read the full article directly on your website.

10.Make sure to update this new blog post once or twice year to keep it “new” in Google.

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🤨 How to get customers with online marketing fast! SEO vs PPC

Do a search for your keywords. Then look at the results or the SERPS in Google. How many ads are displayed versus how many SEO or free click links are displayed?

Search for ‘Reno Web Design’ in Google. Notice the little green box around a word that says ‘Ad’.

Each time someone clicks on that ad, they business pays Google $5 – $600 a click.

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A smart business person would be in as many of these results as they could afford.

1.    Do a thorough keyword research online. Find the most profitable keywords for your small business.

2.    Target only the keywords that you have a chance at ranking for.

3.    If the keywords are already over run with large corporations on the first page, chances are you will need a HUGE SEO and PPC budget in order to compete.

4.    Focus on long tail keywords with less than 1000 searches per month.

5.    Use those money-making keywords in your blog posts, web pages and in your social media posts.

6.    Name images from your website as those keywords.

7.    Tag your images with Alt tags using keywords, but describing the image.

8.    Create a blog posting schedule and stick to it! Once a day, week, month?

9.    Link each related blog post to the next one in the cycle.

10.Never delete outdated content. Always update it with correct or new information.


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“Sure, I will do your online marketing for free. Don’t pay until I get you results man!”    LOL really? Free?

1.    Does the company offer a “No payment till I get results?” This is a big shocker when you read the fine print. You must have a budget of $7500, $10,000 or more per month that you give to them to run your campaigns for you. This is what it usually takes for big SEO and PPC campaigns anyway fyi. If its too good to be true, it probably is.

2.    Did the SEO company use PPC (pay per click ads) to rank #1 for ‘SEO’? Ask them why they are not ranked high in Google SEO search for their own keywords? 🤔

I have been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for over 18 years. Here recently, a number of branding or advertising agencies are now offering SEO and Social Media marketing packages.

These ad agencies are CLUELESS as to how to rank their own website for real keywords let alone able to help your business out. They charge handsomely for these fake services as well.

3.    Does the SEO company promise #1 rankings for $100 a month or less?   Think about it, if you or I could be #1 for a keyword like ‘Reno Real Estate’ for less than $100 a month, we could be rich! Why are those big corporations spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to be #1 for that keyword?

Most of the large SEO or PPC companies are hoping you will keep paying the money and not notice OR they trick you into thinking your #1 by having you sign into your Gmail email and check your rankings. They are also buying fake views to look at your website and inflate your stats.

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4.    Save yourself the money and migraine headaches and do NOT do your own PPC in Google or FaceBook! Why you ask? These large advertising sites will take your money, fast. You must have skin in the game and be an active PPC marketing expert to make these sites work well for your business. 99% of every business that does their own PPC lose money, every time!

5.    Take classes on PPC and advertising before starting a supposed easy to use PPC campaign with Google or Facebook.

6.    Do not count on posting on your Facebook wall as advertising. Even if you have thousands of followers, less than 2% of your followers will ever see your posts! FB is total pay to play now.

7.    Never sign a yearly contract with a large marketing company like Yelp or others.  If some large company is promising you the moon for a few hundred dollars each month, save your money and go gamble in Reno.

8.    Hire a kid, neighbor, someone at church, someone off Craigslist…to design your website or do your online marketing for you.

9.    Don’t buy into a marketing package just because the person is good looking, popular, seems smarter than you or worse, because you don’t have the time to check them out first.

10.Drop the ball on your marketing efforts because it has been a month, and no one is calling. Marketing takes time, effort and follow through to win big in business.

Did I say NEVER buy backlinks?!?!?!!

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👍 Social Media’s Part in your SEO success

Even though Facebook is Pay to Play now, with less than 2% of your followers ever seeing your posts, what are we to do? Follow me on Facebook here:

There are still ways to get ‘free’ traffic from

1.    Post more often. 5 times or more a day.

2.    Reply to comments and messages as quickly as you can.

3.    Create contests and leverage the participants activity to grow your follower base.

4.    Have your happy clients write you 5-star reviews on Facebook as they show up in Google search!

5.    Upload funny, shocking, crazy and deeply interesting content to your FB feed. You can share others great content onto your own business page.

6.    Join groups where your customers are more likely to be chatting it up sharing their likes/dislikes and wishes. This is a great way to find new ideas on what your customers are looking for.

7.    Sponsor a social media group.

8.    Make sure that all of your About page information is correct. Use your correct email address as well as your website address.

9.    Learn more about Facebook PPC with a free class with me.

10.Set it and don’t forget it. Use FB schedule a post feature and schedule out your posts a month in advance.

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Old School Marketing Tips that still work!

1.    Business cards are still a great way to reach new clients. Make sure your business card is unique and offers something that is surprising and/or funny.

2.    Create flyers about your products and services and share around town. Do this weekly for best reach.

3.    Cold calling can work in some areas. Today most small businesses are over whelmed with sales calls. So, instead, call with some good news. Offer something useful and for free.

4.    Volunteer at local and busy events while wearing your company t shirt!

5.    Take people to lunch once a month.

6.    Invite past clients out to an art workshop, paid by you of course. Ask them to invite a friend. Actually, have fun and get to know each other.

7.    Print up your logo and a fun business quote on coffee mugs. Then send them to new potential clients. They will use this mug in their break room and will see your message every day at breaktime. 😊

8.    Go in on a local billboard with a related business in town. Yes these big annoying ads still work in some locations.

9.    Sponsor a local non-profit. Make sure as part of the trade, they send out a thank you email about your company to all their followers on email and social media. Track the links!

10.Host a destressing walk each day at a local park. Wear your company t-Shirt and treat the group with respect. This is only to walk, bond and help each other out. NOT to sell anything!

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Smooze and Booze baby! Networking still matters!

1.    Sign up for as many in person networking events as you can stand.

2.    Look for opportunities to sponsor some of if not most of these events.

3.    Go to these events and offer to volunteer. Greeter is a good position to get if you can. 😊

4.    Wear your company T Shirt and charm.

5.    Pass out your biz cards to anyone with a pulse.

6.    Give a quick and free talk at each of these events. Ask the organizer first. Lol

7.    Take as many business cards as people will offer you.

8.    Ask questions as these events. Example: If you had a choice between buying a billboard spot or a full color ad in “name of magazine here” which would you prefer and why?

9.    Wear a funny hat, button, shoes, shirt or something to make you stand out.

10.Start your own local networking party!

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Leverage your related, but not competitive contacts in the industry


1.    Reach out to other businesses you know and ask them if they would like to do a promotion with you.

2.    Share articles from your website onto other websites. Make sure to get a back link to your website first.

3.    Create an affiliate account for your business where others sell your products/services and only get paid if they make you a sale.

4.    Sponsor large galas and events with local non profits. Make sure to get a back link from their website to yours.

5.    Donate business and marketing books to your local library, but make sure to put a tag in the front of the book saying who donated it!

6.    Sponsor local Meetup groups that are related to the products and services you offer.

7.    Try to be an active member of that Meetup group.

8.    Host or sponsor a school event. Send out flyers to every parent in your school district. Often for free.

9.    Host a yard sale each Spring at your business. Invite other noncompetitive businesses to donate for an ad spot at your yard sale.

10. Hand out flyers at popular events while wearing your t-shirt.

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A large number of you are just beginning your online sales journey and need a new website. I would be happy to create a custom designed site for you. My rates start at $1500.

I am also putting on a private workshop to teach you how to create a stunning website that is SEO optimized correctly. $499 one time fee.

If you are in business, you know you need a website. This is the public side of your business. Not sure who to trust or where to start? Or worse, your using a free website with ads on it? Not very impressive. You can do this and I can help you every step of the way.

Join me with 10 other small business owners as we create your very own, professional website that is optimized for the right keywords and is professional. One-time fee of $399 ($499 normally). This is a 3-hour event. You must have a laptop with wifi capabilities. (if you do not have a laptop, I can sign you up for a one on one session with me where we can use my laptop).

You will leave with a beautiful website that is ready to rank well in Google and other search engines. Call me to RSVP 775-870-0488.  I have 4 spots open for next month’s private workshop.

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Resources for your SEO and Website

Needing affordable and reliable website hosting?

Reno Web Hosting

Need a Free Keyword Research Tool?

Looking for an SEO company in Northern Nevada?

1.    Make sure your website is NOT  a template that is used by thousands of other businesses. I had a new client hire me to design a custom website after he learned that his website (Love Dating Coach Site) looked almost exactly like a local Plumbers website in the same city. OUCH! Sites like Squarespace and others are cool looking, but the website you create is a templated used by thousands of other businesses. Not very professional if you ask me.

2.    Make sure to RSVP for my free, monthly, internet marketing workshops held in Reno Nv.

3.    I am also creating online workshops in the near future.

4.    Schedule a one on one coaching session with me for $99. The value you get is amazing and well worth the small investment.

5.    Use images that tell stories. Never steal an image off of Google or online. There are plenty of Free and Paid stock photo sites for you to use. is just one of them.

6.    Leverage the amazing free traffic you can get from signing up for a business account with

7.    Sign up for a free networking account on

8.    Hire a virtual assistant to help with your daily tasks. This will free up tie for you to focus on the most important thing you can do for your business each week, marketing it!

9.    Create and send out monthly press releases that link back to your website.

10.Measure what is working and 10x your efforts on your wins.


As always, I am happy to hop on the phone and answer any questions. Our next workshop is scheduled for next month at Swill Coffee & Wine Same time, 12 -1 but make sure to come early and get a good seat. RSVP your seat here:

If you need help with increasing your websites traffic, I have 18+ years’ experience in helping small business, celebrities and government agencies regain lost traffic in Google.

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Some of the services I provide are:

SEO Audits – These audits help you uncover why your website is not ranking correctly as well as why your competitor’s websites are.

SEO Training – I provide one on one training sessions as well as private group training on site.

PPC Management and setup

Custom Web Design – That increases conversation rates/sales.

Social Media Marketing

One on One Coaching Sessions $129.

And love public speaking…available for other events.

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