The first step in any SEO marketing is to do your homework. Search engine optimization only works well for your business if you target the right keywords. Use the free tool below to find the best keywords for your company.

 How Do I Use The Keyword Finder Tool?

Simply type in a keyword or phrase above. You will see a result of keywords that are either related to your search or are similar enough to matter in Google SERPS.

Integrate these keywords into your websites copy to help Google and other search engines find and rank the most relevant pages from your website.

You can also use this free keyword tool to snoop on your competitors websites, finding the best keywords that are driving the most sales for their websites.


Most SEO agencies use tools like SEM Rush and others to gain valuable insights on the most profitable keywords to target. Whats the use in doing all of that work to rank your website for keywords no one is searching for?

Do your research first. Find the very best keywords to target. Then create a custom marketing plan to help rank the pages within your companies website at the very top of Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

When you don’t know where to start:
It all begins with Keyword Research. Simply enter one seed keyword and get over 2,000,000 suggestions. There’s more – to sort through all the possibilities and decide what you should place your budget on, take a look at metrics like volume, CPC, and competition level.