Reno is once again a thriving boom town. With this added boost in economic growth, also comes increases in rent around the city. The average cost of renting office space in Reno is over $1200 a month plus utilities. Most small businesses tough it out at home. Saving thousands of dollars a month that would otherwise go to a landlord.

Working from home gives you this false sense of peace and relaxation that does not motivate most people to work for the sale. When the day gets stressful, it is way to easy to grab some snacks from the kitchen, turn on Netflix and spend the rest of the afternoon lost in binge TV land. Often times, you will get board or lonely working from home.


The idea of going to a chic coffee shop starts to sound very appealing. The Reno area has some of the best restaurants and cafes, Swill Coffee & Wine and Coffee Bar Reno are my personal favorites.

I mean, really, you have been working hard on your startup, you deserve a treat of some sort, right?

Although I am all for a break from the same mundane home office routine, working at a coffee shop can cost more to your over all business goals than a cup of fancy joe.

5 Reasons To Get Your Business a Room already

  1. Studies show that working in a collaborative, positive environment like a co-working space, increases endorphin’s by building a sense of community.
  2. Using the free wi-fi at your local coffee shop can open your computer to a world of malware, hackers and viruses. Read more on this threat and how to protect your self here:
  3. Coffee houses and other private wi-fi access areas are often noisy. Try making a sales call or two with some couple next to you chatting it up.
  4. More and more coffee houses are covering up access to electrical outlets making the few areas of the shop with them high traffic areas and highly competitive seats to secure.
  5. In order to stay at the coffee shop for more than a few hours, you are expected to buy food and drink. Sure, you can live dangerously and only but a cup of coffee and sit there for 4 hours, but try doing this again. I would not drink that cup of coffee next time. Most small businesses spend over $140 a month on coffee, tea and food items to keep that free wi-fi spot.


I could be a negative nelly, and share more reasons why your business needs a co-working space, but, I think I have made my point. Here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade your business with a professional office space and/or co-working space.

  1. Co-working spaces grant your business a professional place to work without the expensive costs of securing a monthly lease. Fusion@Midtown co-working space costs just $99 a month for a great list of amenities. Most co-working spaces in the area range in price $99 – $500 a month. Very affordable choice.
  2. Most co-working spaces offer free coffee, tea and other drinks. Save the $140+ a month you use to spend at noisy coffee houses and use that money to buy advertising, business cards…etc.
  3. Working in a community of like minded startups and business people increases opportunities you would not otherwise have at home or at a public coffee house.
  4. Use the address from the co-working space instead of your personal home address.
  5. When your business is ready for a private office, most co-working spaces have an upgrade plan that allows a private room, making the move very easy and affordable for a growing business.

Sandy Rowley, lead SEO expert at is a local resident of a co-working space in midtown Reno. You can find her chatting it up with fellow business owners Fusion@Midtown Monday through Friday 9 – 5.



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