PR and marketing are two different disciplines. The main difference between the two disciplines is that PR is more awareness-oriented and lower-cost, while marketing is more ROI-driven. Both are crucial for the success of a business, but if they work in concert, the results can be spectacular. Listed below are the key differences between PR and marketing. Let’s take a closer look at each. The goal of PR is to get its client in the media, but in order to do that, it must be integrated with the other departments.

The success of PR and marketing depends on building a list of target contacts. The list should include influential bloggers and industry experts. It also includes traditional media and journalists. You can find your list using social media, Buzzsumo, and Socialbakers. By contacting them, you can respond to media inquiries and offer your expert opinion about news topics. PR is all about building relationships and engaging in online discussions. For example, you can participate in discussion forums such as Quora.

Besides a press release, you should include rich media. Images, videos, and infographics should be included, as these will be indexed by search engines. If your press release is published on a website, it should have descriptive captions and alt tags. If your content is for a blog, consider sharing it with relevant industry influencers. This can boost your SEO efforts, while allowing other people to share it. Moreover, a blog can be used to offer more in-depth information.

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