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One on One SEO Coaching Sessions are $149 an hour. Request a 15 minute chat to learn what is included.

NOTE: I have put together notes from the workshop to help guide you with your SEO efforts. I am here to help if needed.

My specialties are custom web design, online marketing strategies, SEO/ PPC and Social Media Marketing management as well as Public Speaking. 

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DREAMS don’t work unless YOU DO.

With every SEO plan comes keyword research. Why try to rank on the first page of Google for a keyword no one is searching for or worse, is way too competitive for your budget?


 ❤️  3 Quick Steps in SEO Keyword Research for 2019 ❤️

Search on SEMrush and see how many people a month search for your first keyword idea. Remember, just because you think it should be a popular keyword, does not mean it actually is.

  1. Search on Google to see who the PPC ads are from and scroll down to the bottom beneath the maps and see what types of companies are already ranking at the top of Google? Are they HUGE corporations or local businesses? If they are large corporation’s chances are you will not have enough time, money or connections to outrank them within a few months.
  2. Once you have found a keyword with some search volume and not too many LARGE competitors, you can add that keyword to your list to target with SEO.



  1. Google long tail keywords. Find misspelled words to target. Mispeld keywords. Instead of targeting keywords with tens of thousands of searches a month, choose lesser volume keywords you have a chance at ranking for this year.
  2. Look at your competitor’s websites to find words they are already targeting.

Verify your business in Google, now!

  2. Add as many photos and videos as Google will allow you.
  3. Get reviews on a regular basis.

How to Optimize your website using WordPress free website builder.

  1. Use keyword at the top left position in the title of the article. Use catchy phrases to get users to actually click on to your listing on Google.
  2. Use images that are saved as your keywords.
  3. Embed related Youtube Video.
  4. Add paragraphs of content related to the keyword in the article.
  5. Have a call to action on every page.
  6. Click publish!


SEO coaching


Do a search for your keywords. Then look at the results or the SERPS in Google. How many ads are displayed versus how many SEO or free click links are displayed? Search for ‘Reno Web Design’ in Google. Notice the little green box around a word that says ‘Ad’. Each time someone clicks on that ad, they business pays Google $5 – $600 a click. Read Lawyer SEO story here.








A smart business person would be in as many of these results as they could afford. Go to go get your business verified now.

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“Sure, I will do your online marketing for free. Don’t pay until I get you results man!”    LOL really? Free?

Common SEO and PPC Scams

– Did the SEO company use PPC to rank #1? Ask them why they are not ranked high in Google SEO search for their own keywords?

– Does the SEO company promise #1 rankings for $100 a month or less?   Think about it, if you or I could be #1 for a keyword like ‘Reno Real Estate’ for less than $100 a month, we could be rich! Why are those big corporations spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to be #1 for that keyword?

“We can make you #1 on Google!”

Most of the large SEO or PPC companies are hoping you will keep paying the money and not notice OR they trick you into thinking your #1 by having you sign into your Gmail email and check your rankings. They are also buying fake views to look at your website and inflate your stats.

– Does the company offer a “No payment till I get results?” This is a big shocker when you read the fine print. You must have a budget of $7500, $10,000 or more per month that you give to them to run your campaigns for you. This is what it usually takes for big SEO and PPC campaigns anyway fyi. If its too good to be true, it probably is.


❤️ Social Media Marketing Expert Sandy Rowley ❤️



Social Media’s Part in your SEO success

Even though Facebook is Pay to Play now, with less than 2% of your followers ever seeing your posts, what are we to do? Follow me on Facebook here:

There are still ways to get ‘free’ traffic from

Post more often. 5 times or more a day.

Reply to comments and messages as quickly as you can.

Create contests and leverage the participants activity to grow your follower base.

Have your happy clients write you 5-star reviews on Facebook as they show up in Google search!

Don’t get suckered into a long contract with a social media expert who may or may not know what the heck their doing.!

 social marketing expert reno
Watch out for supposed Social media marketing experts who really don’t know what the heck their doing, but they look cool. 🙂


 Your website is the single most important part of your marketing plan. Are you proud of it? Is it professional, does it rank for the keywords that matter?

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Me on the red carpet for winning two Webby Awards!
Read the press release here.
 I’m the tall one. 🙂

Quite a lot of you raised your hands when I asked if you had your own company website. I would love to help you create a website you can be proud of and is OMG profitable.

A large number of you are just beginning your online sales journey and need a new website. I would be happy to create a custom designed site for you. My rates start at $1500.  I am also putting on a private workshop to teach you how to create a stunning website that is SEO optimized correctly.

If you are in business, you know you need a website. This is the public side of your business. Not sure who to trust or where to start? Or worse, your using a free website with ads on it? Not very impressive. You can do this and I can help you every step of the way.

 🔥Resources for your SEO and Website🔥

Needing affordable and reliable website hosting?

Need a Free Keyword Research Tool?

 NOTE: The free one hour session is no longer available, but the free SEO tips and tricks are still listed in this video an on the SEO PDF. 

Notes above, from our Free  SEO Coaching Session at Swill Coffee  Wine in Reno Nv.

As always, I am happy to hop on the phone and answer any questions. Our next workshop is scheduled for April 24, 2019 ONLINE Virtual Marketing Workshop.  Same time, 12 -1 but make sure to come early and get a good seat. RSVP your seat here: Online Marketing Workshop with Sandy Rowley.


If you need help with increasing your websites traffic, I have 18+ years’ experience in helping small business, celebrities and government agencies regain lost traffic in Google.


Some of the digital marketing services I provide are:

SEO Audits – These audits help you uncover why your website is not ranking correctly as well as why your competitor’s websites are.

SEO Training – I provide one on one training sessions as well as private group training on site.

PPC Management and setup

Custom Web Design – That increases conversation rates/sales.

Social Media Marketing

One on One Coaching Sessions $149. 

And love public speaking…available for other events.

All the best,

Business Coach

🔥Sandy Rowley🔥

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Workshop Internet Marketing

800 Haskell St, Reno, NV 89509

Hello there fellow business person!

Join us for a relaxed, fun and entertaining workshop on the best online marketing tips & tricks to help grow your small business in the Reno Nevada area. RSVP for inperson and virtual marketing workshops.

(don’t worry, this is not a high-pressured sales event where I convince you to hawk your family jewels to get rich over night. 😉  

Bring your laptop, mobile phone or a pen and notebook, because you are going to have lots to talk about in this one-hour Internet Marketing Workshop series held by local SEO Expert, Sandy Rowley of

“She makes the information easy to learn and fun.” Cynthia R.

“Best hour spent growing my business.” Tom H.

“If I had only known about Sandy sooner…lucky to know her now!” Max L

Reno Marketing

We business owners work hard enough as it is, now we have the task to learn SEO, PPC, Social Marketing, Email Marketing and Reputation Management, each of which could be another full-time job.

I take my 18 + years’ experience in ranking small and large company websites in the major search engines and break it down to bite size and useful information that my small business owners can take to work, implement and grow their business.

Why do I give free marketing workshops? I love this stuff, yes that’s the truth, but, in the future, when your business is really starting to take off, you will need someone to help maintain growth, I hope to be that marketing guru that you can depend on. If not, no worries, the free marketing workshops I hold are great publicity for my local SEO and web design services.

Let’s get together and help each other with marketing strategies, tools, resources and one on one review of what is currently working online and what is a waste of time.

Our first marketing session will focus on THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY in 2018. Customer reviews!

Make sure to bring either your laptop or mobile phone so you can learn the top strategies to get more 5 star reviews and out rank your competitors online.

This internet marketing workshop is for business owners and locals in the Reno Nevada area who are curious how to increase their website traffic, build their own website, use social media to gain new clients or simply want to stay up to date on the best and proven marketing strategies for their organization.

Reno SEO

BE WARNED THOUGH, if you run a local SEO, web design or PPC marketing business or thinking about starting one, do not sign up for this workshop. I have a big heart and love to help small businesses, but draw the line at teaching my competitors how to out rank me.  I have actually had a hand full of supposed SEO Experts come to my workshops asking me how to start a SEO business FYI.

Internet Marketing Workshops Help Small Business


Internet Workshops Offer Small Business Big Opportunities for Growth

Web marketing has taken over traditional marketing methods as Americas #1 resource to reach new and existing clients. A recent report takes a look at where that money goes. Borrell estimates brands and agencies in the United States will shell out $65.26 billion this year for search engine optimization (SEO) services, rising to $72.02 billion in 2018 and $79.27 billion by 2020.Apr 21, 2016

SEO Statssource:

How can small businesses integrate these online marketing strategies and tools with small to medium size budgets?

Leverage is the keyword to focus on. Assess what off line or traditional advertising is working or has worked in the past with your business. How can you use social media and other online marketing strategies to increase those results?

As a small business, your marketing strategies have to yield positive results within a few months or sooner in some cases. Small business is competing with the big box stores down the road, the online goliaths located all over the world, thanks to faster internet speeds and affordable ISP connections.

Even though small business owners are working to keep more and more of their local reach, they are quick, flexible and crafty. They have the freedom to experiment and test new marketing strategies faster than the big guys, therefore have an option to catch trends and opportunities for sales before the large corporations.

Online marketing via SEO and PPC allow small business to test out marketing messages, ad copy, colors and photos to thousands of potential clients. They can then pin point what message converts client views into clicks, sign ups and sales.

The average monthly costs associated with marketing a small business within a city can start at $600  – $5000 a month easily. If your a small business, how are you able to compete with the established businesses who are able to afford ongoing SEO budgets like these?

Internet Marketing Workshops, when done on purpose and accountable steps are measured, help small business owners leverage top SEO talent and skills to maximize their own success and growth with web marketing without the high ticket investment of an ongoing SEO campaign. Learn more about my one on one SEO Coaching Sessions.

How can Internet Marketing Workshops help my small business?

Running a small business gives you the freedom to make your own rules. With that freedom comes the responsibility of keeping the business growing. You have customers and employees that depend on how well you market your business. Attending 1 or 2 hour marketing workshops will keep you up to date on the best web marketing strategies, tools and resources to help you keep your business running smoothly.

“Most people digest information in about 20 minute worth of time. In my workshops, I have structured the learning process in 20 minute blocks. The marketing classes are a relaxed, fun and customized learning environment that encourages creative thinking and correct action needed to reach the business owners goals.” Sandy Rowley Web Marketing Coach.

What does web marketing include?

Web marketing includes all the tools and resources needed to reach new customers via the internet. This can include local search engine rankings, social media posts, email marketing, guest blogging, pay per click and view ads across a variety of channels that can include Google, Facebook, Linkedin and other online properties. Internet marketing also includes how your website is designed. Does it convert people into customers?

“Often times, I can listen to a coaching client and understand what is working well with traditional advertising and leverage that data or information to help reach more customers online.” Sandy Rowley SEO Coach

How long does it take for internet marketing to work?

Some web marketing campaigns can generate sales within the same week, others take months and even years to acquire.

This is why researching keywords, competitors and performing a SEO audit on an existing website property is important.

Everyone’s website is at a different ranking position online. There are too many factors to give a quick answer on something that involves so many parts. If you have a company selling you a one size fits all budget, consider the old wise saying, “If its too good to be true, usually it is.” Unknown wise business person.

I have had some clients see great results within a few weeks and others that need more time in a competitive market. I tell my clients that you are always marketing. Marketing is never a set it and forget it. Your business goals should be in line with what your clients need the most. You need to meet them (your clients) where they are at. Does that include a social network, an online magazine or is it off line advertising that will reach your ideal prospects?

Each business has a different timeline and budget to work within. By researching these critical items, a good marketing expert can give you a good idea of how long it will take to reach your goals.

SEO Budget

What is the average marketing budget used for online marketing?

I have a good estimate that I share as a general guideline for small business owners who are working to dicepher what should be an ideal online marketing budget for their business. Although the information I will share is real world information,, it is not the golden rule. Each business has their own unique criteria that will determine their best marketing budgets.

Local SEO rankings budget: On average, most small businesses looking to rank high in Google for their top 1 – 4 keywords in their city should set aside $500 – $1500 a month for search engine optimization, marketing and some PPC. If the business is in a very competitive market like cars, medical and legal services, those rates could be double or more per month.

Regional SEO rankings budget: Businesses that need to rank high in Google search for their top 1 – 10 keywords within an area of 100 – 200 mile radius can expect to pay $3000 – $6000 per month for organic SEO work. Those who are looking to rank for western, middle or eastern regions will need to double that number.

National SEO rankings budget:  This can be a bit tricky for some small business owners who sell products and services anywhere in the US. Some markets can get away with a monthly SEO budget of $8000 and rank well for profitable keyword phrases. Others will need to target specific cities to keep within their budgets. SEO is not a set in stone service. It is always fluctuating and changing. One day your website could be #1 for a very competitive keyword, and then next week, seemingly disappear from the search results. This is why a solid SEO plan is important before blindly setting out trying to rank for everything that you think will bring in new clients.

In my one on one or group Internet Marketing Workshops, I customize the class to match the individual businesses who attend. I focus on small actions that yield the largest results for my clients. I have found that small business owners are very busy and need to get to the point right away. They also need to see that the marketing strategies actually works. There is nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours “learning” a marketing strategy only to learn later that it was a total waste of your time.

I run a handful of successful monthly SEO and PPC campaigns for larger clients to keep me in the SEO game. With Googles 600+ a year changes and updates to their algorithm, I have too!

My goal is to keep the marketing training session fun, relaxed and super helpful for the small business.

You can sign up for a one on one marketing coaching session for $165 one hour time, recorded session or join Sandy with a group of 5, 10 or 20 other businesses and learn useful marketing tips and tricks for $99 an hour. All marketing coaching sessions include 30 minutes research time where Sandy will look into your current rankings, competitors rankings and what is working now in your industry. All training sessions are as customized as possible for the best possible results.

Reno Web Design

“If your clients Ain’t Happy (Ain’t Nobody Happy) .” Sandy Rowley SEO Coach
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