A Basic Technical SEO Guide for Website Design

A Basic Technical SEO Guide for Website Design

As most small businesses are set to spend around $75,000 on digital marketing this year, they need to make every dollar count in that budget. Using search engine optimization is a way to pivot your page to be found by search engines, which is as good as free promotion. Search engine optimization, notably technical SEO is important in making yourself known to users.

Here are five elements of technical SEO that you need to implement.

1. Page Speed is a Major Factor
When you’re using mobile, the speed of your page gets weighed into how good your site is as a match for users. It lets search engines know that it’s optimized, updated, and you’ve tried to streamline the code base.

If you’re thinking about user experience, page speed matters as well. When users rank how well a site works for them, they will factor in load time. If it doesn’t load within three seconds, they’ll consider it a bad match that doesn’t give them what they want. Isn’t that the ultimate aim of user experience?

2. Bot Instructions Are Case Sensitive
If you’re giving robots instructions for your site, you need to ensure that you take case into consideration. Instructions in your robots.txt file need to be all lowercase.

If you play with case, you change the way the information is going to be processed.

Web crawlers, the tool that search engines use to index every site on the internet, look for files on your main directory. If you hide them somewhere else, they may never get read.

3. You Need Infinite Scroll
You want your site to be designed in such a way as to load content as your user scrolls. When they’re going down your website’s pages, you don’t want the content to stop.

Paginated pages combined with a very long scroll will help users to keep reading and staying productive on your site. If new content is constantly available, you’ll rank much higher than your competitor’s site.

4. Sitemap is What You Want
While Google needs sitemaps to be in an XML format, that’s pretty much the only stipulation to worry about when setting up your sitemap. Your hierarchy or your structure can look however you want it to look.

When you choose a sitemap that works for you and makes sense, you make it easier for search engines to scroll through your site. As long as there’s simple logic, you can structure it however you please.

5. Your Homepage Matter
Your homepage needs to have everything that you want search engines to find out about you. Because search engines look at that page first, you want your site to be ranked fairly.

You can have other sites ranked as well so long as you include a link from your front page.

Understanding Technical SEO is an Advantage

If you want to have a strong advantage on your competition, you need to take advantage of what technical SEO has to offer. When you optimize your site for crawling and indexing, you make yourself that much easier to find by your potential clients.

If you want to audit your SEO ranking, check out our guide.

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Web Design & Seo Reviews

Peacebroom Bill Wood

Peacebroom Bill Wood

month ago
I was flying blind. After struggling to do everything myself while launching a garden tool product brand for the last 4 years, I knew that I was in way over my head. Sure, I have over 25 years experience is marketing and advertising, but that world has changed, and continues changing faster than I can keep up, but I didn’t have any option – it still all had to be done. Website, social media, video/photo production, marketing posts, and making important social connections. The main problem was not knowing what my main problems actually were, and continuing to improve one thing after another, only to find out that another issue negated my efforts. From technical details to social channel strategies to conversion marketing, Sandy is very clear and direct about how she approached all my challenges. The audit covered my entire online presence, and I was surprised at how, although I already knew an answer to many matters (perhaps, not always the right answer), I had missed making important connections, and I was missing opportunities, and limiting the growth prospects of my business because of it. Sandy helped me interpret the data & information about my business in ways that allowed me to take action, prioritize what to do next, and measure my success going forward. Now, I have more confidence in the directions I am taking (we’re measuring them), and feel more comforted knowing that I am connected to Sandy’s expert advice, and discernment. I don’t like wasting money, effort, or time. I was wasting all three. Thank you, Sandy!
jacquie chandler

jacquie chandler

3 months ago
Key value-add skills in a web designer: 1) listens to understand what you are trying to communicate and then provides expertise to compose and enhance your collection of visual content in an attractive, compelling and easy-to navigate way. 2) follow through, follow-up, taking time to train you on how to update and edit. 3) coaching on how to best position and accelerate your web site objectives.Thank you Sandy!
Danny Sierra

Danny Sierra

2 months ago
Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design is an invaluable tool for promoting local events in and around Reno. We saw fast results and were able to reach portions of the population that wouldn’t have been available to us otherwise. Sandy is a passionate, knowledgeable professional with so many wonderful tools at her disposal. I’m so grateful to her for her time and attention. Patagonia Outlets.
Yuliana Lorenzo

Yuliana Lorenzo

month ago
Excellent service, professionalism and knowledge of their work is what characterizes Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design. I had the honor to coordinate my website details with Sandy and I am delighted with her service. Her work speaks for itself. By J&J Custom Painting Company in Henderson NV.
Alisha Bee

Alisha Bee

3 months ago
 Every day here at TAP agency Consulting and PR, I need teammates that enjoy what they do, and who are experts at communication and driving projects forward. Sandy Rowley is a wonderfully intelligent person, who works diligently to provide her colleagues and clients with unparalleled insight and professionalism. I look forward to working with Sandy on each project. It is my pleasure to continue to refer Sandy and Reno SEO, Marketing & Web Design to my agency’s valued clients.

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SEO Site Audits


Schedule a Custom SEO Site Audit with Sandy Rowley @ 775-870-0488.  

SEO site auditsImportance of SEO Audits in Online Marketing Strategies

Getting your website optimized for top listings is probably the focal point of the internet marketing work you do for your site. It’s is very important however to periodically check your sites for areas that need updating or corrections from errors that have occurred since you started your SEO, to ensure that it maintains the best position in the rankings that it can.

Whats an SEO Audit? Sounds stressful…

Let’s make it clear from the start that SEO audits are not quite like traditional audits. The latter is done for marketing purposes. A well-executed audit – right at the onset- would mean that you have better knowledge on the performance of your site, its overall performance and the performance of the individual pages. Improved search engine rankings make for the only purpose of these audits. They are performed before the beginning of a project and at the beginning of a new quarter.

The purpose of an SEO audit is to source out positive actions that need to be taken to improve your site performance. This process should be performed on a monthly basis to ensure your website stays current and up to date.

An SEO audit is a vital process in any good Internet marketing campaign. It evaluates the performance of the entire marketing plan. Analyzing your marketing and website effectiveness is more than just checking the number of clicks your website had over a given period. It’s aimed at knowing the origin of each click, the percentage of clicks on your site that followed through to sales, weak points in your marketing scheme, other opportunities available to increase your clicks and other threats that may undermine your marketing abilities. Additionally, an excellent SEO audit will show you if the marketing you are doing is reaching the proper demographic.

Items Reviewed with a Custom SEO Audit

On-Page Review
It focuses on keywords on the website, where we place them, and whether or not the pages are set up to leverage the most important signals to their full effect (such as the use of <h1> and <h2> tags, Page Titles, Image Alt Text, etc.)

On-Site Review
Here you look at issues which affect the whole site, rather than each page individually. This is often where serious issues are uncovered (such as problems with internal linking, duplicate content, crawler accessibility, URL structure). This probably the more technical part of the audit and something which require a trained eye.

Backlink Analysis
Once you’re done checking out the pages of the site, then the entire website itself. You start looking at where the site is featured elsewhere on the web and who links to it, as well as how they do it. In addition to this, you build a list of desirable linking opportunities that people can either take away to a link builder or bring back to you to action.

Using a Free SEO Audit tool could be a good start in the right direction, but implementing a Full Technical SEO Site Audit can leverage useful data to grow your online rankings above and beyond what a free tool can offer.

Would you like a free 15 minute review over the phone? Call or text Sandy @ 775-870-0488.   with your website address, name and phone number. We can quickly assess your immediate website needs and offer a custom quote to perform a full technical SEO audit and even fix SEO errors that are found.

What is included in a Full Technical SEO Audit?

A high level and detailed overview of what technical items are hindering online SEO growth.

Some items that could be included in a custom SEO site audit are:

1. Page and Server speed.
2. Mobile friendly.
3. Structured Data errors.
4. Crawl Errors
5. Meta Issues
6. Robots.txt review
7. Internal linking
8. URL Structure
9. Incompatibility problems

The custom report will use down to earth language, easy to understand and digest as well as in depth technical clarifications needed to assess proof of findings. Most Full Technical SEO audits start at around an investment of $1900 and up depending on the size of the website property. Read more about SEO site audits here.


Looking for a DIY SEO site audit?

Join our Free FaceBook.com group to learn more: http://www.facebook.com/groups/renoseo/


Full technical SEO Site Audits start at $1900 and are ready for review in 2 – 4 weeks. I require access to Google Analytics, FaceBook Insights and Google Search Console. Call Sandy now at 775-870-0488.

Website, SEO, PPC & Social Marketing Testimonials

Affordable Law Firm SEO Expert

Affordable SEO Lawyers

Sandy Rowley – Legal SEO Expert with 17+ years experience in ranking websites in competitive niches. She can be reached at

775-870-0488.  Listen to more Legal SEO advice on my podcast.

Law Firm SEO can be very competitive and expensive.

Most Pay Per Click or Adword marketing campaigns for attorneys start at $50 a click!

Although PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google is the best way to reach clients online, the budgets required to compete with larger law firms can be very cost prohibitive. Average PPC budgets for law firms ranking on the top spots in Google can start at $5,000 – $85,000 per month plus the SEO experts 15 – 20% monthly fee to manage the PPC campaign.

Why would these law firms spend so much on PPC campaigns?

Because, they work! Google search is the fastest way to reach new clients online. This search engine is heads and tails above directories, social networks and other search engines and should be your law firms #1 focus for online leads.

If your law firm needs a more affordable SEO solution, continue reading.

Whats a small and/or new law firm to do?

Organic SEO or search engine optimization is the art and science of ranking a page on  your law firms website, at the top of the Google SERPS (search engine results page).

Ranking a page from your website for a relevant keyword can send qualified leads to your business every week.

These webpages that rank for a keyword or key phrase in the Google SERPS, will be your best bet to gain quality leads for your website. Organic ‘clicks’ are free. Google does not charge per click like they do for their paid ads like these below:

cheap seo for lawyers

In order to rank for ‘affordable lawyer’ in Google, you can expect to pay well over $40 per click. By ranking your website for this keyword phrase, you can get those clicks for free (minus my flat monthly SEO Fee).

These unlimited free clicks are how small law firms catch up to the big guys and gals in their city or area of practice.

Most large law firms focus on the shot gun approach when ranking their online websites and profiles. With huge marketing budgets, they aim to rank for everything in site. This is a waste of valuable resources especially when your law firm could laser focus in on the keywords that will bring in the best clients suited for your law practice.

Local SEO for law firms can range in price from $2000 a month and up.  This organic SEO service will rank your websites for the free click sections of Google search. Having a set monthly fee helps small law firms keep a close watch on their marketing spend each month. Pairing this with easy to read monthly keyword ranking reports, your law firm can quickly assess the value of your ongoing SEO marketing efforts.

For about $65 a day, your online SEO campaigns can bring in thousands of dollars worth of client work.

The return on investment is very high for law firms use affordable seo services.

The simplest way to estimate lifetime value of a client for a law firm:

Plug actual or estimated (if you’re in the planning stages or just starting out) numbers into the following equation:

(Average Value of a Sale) X (Number of Repeat Transactions) X (Average Retention Time in Months or Years for a Typical Customer)

An easy example would be the lifetime value of an internet subscriber who spends $80 every month for 3 years. The value of that customer would be:

$80 X 12 months X 3 years = $2,880 in total revenue (or $960 per year)

A valuable SEO campaign takes time and constant upgrades, changes and testing. Clients who work with me often see rankings within the first month of solid SEO work.

After 3 – 6 months of SEO ranking work, my law firm clients are already ranking for top keywords and seeing quality leads calling into the firm.

Most legal SEO clients opt for a PPC and Organic SEO campaign to optimize the amount of qualified leads coming through their website and/or phone line.

All N One Bail Bonds in Memphis Tn uses my SEO and PPC services to totally dominate Google search for their most profitable keywords. Their bail bonding company ranks #2, #3, #4 and #10 on a consistent basis!

Pay Per Click is only one of the spots taken on the front page of Google search for this bail company.

The rest of the rankings are in the ‘free clicks’ sections of the search engine results page.


SEO & PPC can really increase your bottom line if done correctly.  I know there are thousands of SEO companies and experts to choose from. I only need a handful of law firms to work with. My small businesses success depends on providing great results for my clients. I cannot hide behind thousands of paid fake reviews like the large law firm SEO companies can.

Each law firm client I take on, is added to my daily list of research, strategy updates, missed opportunities and ranking positions work. My monthly reports are easy to read and easy for you to track your live results in Google search.

All of my PPC and SEO services include website design, updates, email marketing and social media work that needs to work seamlessly in order to provide the top ranking results I provide.

Although I can work with your existing web designer, I prefer to have my own user/pass to login and track who updated what and when.

Ethical SEO includes on site SEO work as well as off site promotional tactics and strategies.

I am easy to work with and very responsive to answering the phone, text and emails. YOUR law firm is MY TOP PRIORITY. My 17+ years experience in working in the online marketing industry has been one of constant change and learning. I have the knowledge and expertise to rank almost any website in your niche as well as the proven track record of my work.

Lets start by reviewing your existing website, social sites and online directory profiles against your local competitors and their PPC / SEO campaigns. Come up with a marketing strategy that is reasonable and affordable… then implement our strategy asap.

I look forward to learning more about your law practice and how best I can help grow your business.

Call, text or email anytime,

top seo firms

Sandy Rowley

Legal SEO Expert



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