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Social media can be fun and profitable, IF you know what to do. Social media marketing can also be a big drain on your resources if you work with a fake marketing expert. FYI, most are. Join me and local businesses on October 24th at The Innovation Center in Reno to learn the sneaky tactics fake social media marketers use. Protect your business and investment from bad social media marketing, free workshop.

Sandy Rowley is the areas leading social media and digital marketing authority. She has over 80k REAL followers on Social Media and 18 plus years experience helping clients rank high in search engines. Check out some free social media marketing tips on The State of Nevada’s website, where they feature her savvy marketing ideas.

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Marketing Budget Calculator

Marketing budgets can be a bit tricky. We have put together an easy marketing calculator for you to use. Enter your monthly sales and an estimate of how much of those sales were generated from your website. You will have a close budget range to start your digital marketing plan.

[custom_marketing_calculator hourRateSEO=150 minimumSEOBudget=1500 ]

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