Google’s July 5 Deadline: No Mobile, No Rankings – Reno Web Designer Can Help

Google’s 2016 mobile-first indexing initiative is reaching its final stage, and it’s a big deal for every website owner. John Mueller from Google dropped a bombshell on the Google blog: after July 5, 2024, if your website doesn’t work on mobile devices, Google won’t index or rank it. This could mean disappearing from search results entirely.

The Mobile Mandate
“After July 5, 2024, we’ll crawl and index these sites with only Googlebot Smartphone,” Mueller announced. He didn’t mince words: “If your site’s content is not accessible at all with a mobile device, it will no longer be indexable.” That’s Google-speak for “if it doesn’t work on phones, we won’t show it in search results.”

But don’t panic yet. You don’t need a fancy mobile design (though it helps). Google’s just saying your site needs to load and be usable on mobile. So, even a basic desktop site that works on phones is okay for now.

Why This Matters to You
Think about how you search nowadays. Probably on your phone, right? Google knows this, and they’re making a stand. No mobile access, no Google love. For businesses, especially local ones, this could mean losing customers who can’t find you online.

Reno Web Designer to the Rescue
If you’re in Reno and sweating this deadline, breathe easy., a local web design company, specializes in making websites mobile-friendly. They understand the Reno market and Google’s requirements.

“We’ve been prepping for this since Google first hinted at mobile-first,” says a spokesperson from Reno Web Designer. “Whether you need a simple fix to make your current site mobile-accessible or a full mobile-friendly redesign, we’ve got Reno businesses covered.”

Your Action Plan
1. Test your site on different phones. Does it load? Can you use it?
2. Use Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool to see if Google can view your pages on mobile.
3. If there are issues, don’t wait. Contact They’ll assess your site and provide solutions tailored to your Reno business.

Remember, it’s not just about dodging Google’s penalty. A mobile-friendly site means better user experience, more traffic, and potentially more business. And in a competitive market like Reno, every advantage counts.

The Clock is Ticking
July 5, 2024, might seem far off, but in the web world, it’s just around the corner. Don’t let your Reno business vanish from Google because of an outdated website. Reach out to today. They’ll ensure your site not only survives Google’s mobile deadline but thrives in the mobile-first future.

Businesses in Reno, being mobile-ready isn’t just good customer service – after July 5, it’s essential. With, you’re not just meeting Google’s requirements; you’re setting your Reno business up for online success.