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Marketing efforts are imperative to the success of every manufacturing company and this guide will show you the top 10 ideas to mix up your marketing strategy. In the past, companies relied on few marketing channels to get the word out there such as TV advertising or radio ads. These days the marketing is more “mixed” in a sense that companies implement everything from social media ads to event promotions. 

Successful manufacturers implement a mixture of offline and digital marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness and make their products known. This guide will focus on the best ways to market your manufacturing company across multiple channels. 

Top 10 Marketing Mix For Manufacturing Companies:

1) B2B Listings/Directories 

The main priority of every manufacturing business is to list on directories where many businesses and entrepreneurs are present and researching products to purchase in bulk. If you’re a manufacturer, your target audience is other businesses that will buy large-scale from you. Start by listing all your products on websites like Alibaba, eBay, Global Sources, and more. 

2) Social Media Advertising

The most effective paid marketing method today is social media advertising. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give you the ability to market your products to your select target audience. 

Example: If you’re selling t-shirts and you have an established competitor who also manufactures t-shirts, you can target their audience/followers on social media directly – i.e. you can pay to get access to their audience. 

3) Search Engine Advertising

Advertising on search engines such as Google and Bing gives you the immediate advantage of targeted placement for people looking to buy your particular product. Businesses can immediately discover “buying keywords” related to their niche (i.e . “Buy iPhone cases in bulk”) and target customers from the search engines directly. 

4) Search Engine Optimization

The most proven long-term method to get established is to SEO-optimize your website and rank your website in the top search engine results for certain keywords. Search engine optimization takes a bit longer until you start to see results (the website has to gain authority in the search engines), but once it’s there you enjoy free traffic for months or years. 

5) Video Advertising

Video advertising involves strategically placing your video commercials at the start of videos on websites like YouTube. If you can devise a creative video marketing strategy, you can place your ad in front of thousands of targeted customers at a lower cost than search engine PPC or social media advertising. 

6) Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven and effective way to keep an audience engaged over the long term. To set up an email marketing campaign, you only need to convince people to give you their emails in exchange for a freebie such as a book related to your business. Once they’re hooked, you can market your products directly via email at almost no cost. 

7) Direct Mail

The main alternative to video advertising is a direct mail campaign executed offline. This means designing custom leaflets and delivering them to people’s or businesses front doors. The process is different for manufacturing companies (compared to regular companies) because you’ll have to deliver the mail directly to other businesses that are interested in purchasing products from you. 

8) Event Marketing

Event marketing proves to be one of the most successful methods to market offline. Example: Your company could organize a charity event and donate the proceeds to a cause. In return, your brand gets exposure and you attract potential customers. 

9) Trade Shows/Exhibitions

Trade shows are very popular for manufacturers because there are niche-specific trade shows where you can exhibit your product in front of thousands of potential customers. There are yearly trade shows for everything from military weapons to fashion. Find a trade show in your industry and show off your products. 

10) Radio/TV Ads

The conventional TV and radio ads are still effective but they require a larger budget than digital marketing. If your company can bear the expenses of TV commercial development, this is always an effective marketing strategy.