Marketing for manufacturing companies is paramount during the early stages. Want to get clients who place million-dollar orders with your company? One word: Marketing. Most manufacturing companies get their orders from loyal customers who keep returning for more. This begs the question: How can a new company stand out and get their first customers? Marketing is paramount if your manufacturing company is in the early stages i.e. a start-up.

There are hundreds of potential approaches for manufacturing company marketing that an owner can use to make their products known. This guide will focus on the basics that manufacturing companies need to start marketing their company and create the foundation for future growth.

  • The ultimate goal here is to help your manufacturing company build a loyal customer base interested in placing huge orders on a recurring basis.
  • Recurring clients are the key to marketing for manufacturing company.

Understand The Customer

Use reverse-psychology to determine what the customers in your industry want – and give it to them. This is a proven method to get a head-start in a competitive industry when other manufacturers might slip. Instead of focusing on the company, focus on the customer and what they need. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what you would do if you were looking for a manufacturer to order from. The buying process usually goes like this:

  • The customer needs X product in your manufacturing industry.
  • The customer researches 5-10 potential manufacturers to buy from.
  • The customer makes a decision based on metrics such as: price, brand, reputation, customer reviews, etc.

The best way to take advantage of this process is to offer an advantage that none of the other companies are offering. Example: If you’re an electric bike manufacturer and the average bike costs $2000, you could make your bikes cost $1499. If the product quality is kick-ass, the customers will keep returning for more.

Develop A Marketing Strategy (SEO, PPC, Alibaba, Social)

Marketing a manufacturing company is different because you’re essentially in the B2B (business-to-business) company and your target market are other entrepreneurs who purchase the products to re-sell at their stores or online businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that those people can’t be reached in the same way that other regular customers can’t. In fact, many of them are actively researching companies to buy from which makes it easier to market to them.

The key to reaching these people is to develop a marketing strategy that caters to people in your industry. Start by developing a presence on trade websites such as Alibaba and Global Sources where you can place your product in front of millions of people looking to buy from manufacturers directly.

Combine B2B marketplace presence with SEO and PPC strategies in your niche in order to cater to people directly looking for these keywords on search engines. Example: An electric bike parts company could target keywords like “Buy electric bike battery”. Smart placement gives you an advantage over all other competitors and you must utilize all marketing avenues at your disposal.

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