Google has over 200 requirements to help their search bots determine what websites should rank for what keywords. Download PDF version of this SEO article here.

Out of those 200 SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, I have put together 5 that will help your website rank higher in search. I am available to help implement any of these safe marketing tactics and/or train key staff. Want to start ranking within a few weeks? Give Sandy Rowley a call at 775-453-6120 for a website review and audit. Learn how to market your website to capture customers online.

Ready to rank your website organically in Google search? I thought so. Lets get started shall we? Google has over 200 requirements that help rank a website for any given keyword on any given day, or Sunday. 200 ever changing techniques that are seen in the SEO world as safe marketing tactics. The average business owner probably does not have the time to keep up to date on the latest internet marketing strategies, but they do have time to integrate a few safe, white hat SEO techniques that will increase their rankings over time. I have put together 5 top strategies that most people can use to boost their online rankings in Google search. I appreciate your comments below and please feel free to share. As always, I am available for one on one or staff marketing training to help your key staff keep your company growing. Call Sandy at 775-453-6120.


Google keeps track how long a user stays on your website after clicking on their search results. Example, John searches in Google for Reno Marketing Company. He sees our website link on the first page of Google and clicks on it. Once John lands on our website, he find useful downloads, tools, videos and content that keeps him on our website for 5 minutes or more. John also shares our website with his business partners. This tells Google that our Marketing website is a good fit for the first page search results. Some good ideas on how to keep your visitors on your website longer are: a how too video, a free download of tips and resources, a puzzle, a quiz, a photo gallery and other website widgets. Click here to create TIME on SITE tools to keep your website ranking high in search. Create a chat box, a survey and more.


Every month over 900,000 searches are performed in the Reno area alone. Some of those keyword phrases are very competitive with thousands of websites working hard to compete for the top spot. These competitive keywords can drive hundreds of thousands a potential customers to your website, BUT, take a serious monthly online marketing budget of $10k or more. Whats a small business with a smaller SEO budget to do? Keyword research. Use free and paid keyword research tools to help find popular keywords that are not as crowded and not as difficult to aim for. Example: The keyword Reno Real Estate brings in over 5,000 searches a month depending on the time of year. Every real estate agent in the area strives to be number one. This is doable, but will take time and money. If you have a smaller SEO budget, I would recommending finding long tail keywords that have 100 or so searches per month and not as many competitors. Once you find a handful of these keyword phrases, you can then optimize your website to match those words. You have a better chance at ranking within a month for those keywords. Over time, you can find many more of these long tail keywords to rank for which in turn can drive a great deal of highly targeted leads to your website.

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Check out this free and paid keyword research tool. Make sure to click on the left side button, Keyword Research to use the free tool.


Adding a new blog post, article, photo, video or case study to your website will go a long way to build your authority in the Google search engine. Set a weekly schedule where you create and post useful information to your website. Whether you post once a week, a day or a month, you will start to see a steady stream of new visitors to your website. Need help creating useful content for your website? Hire a copy writer or seo person to create useful social media posts, blog posts and more. Learn more about our Affordable Marketing services in Reno.


Most people purchase their domain name one year at a time. This hurts your Google trust factor. A simple fix is to call your domain name registrar company and ask to reserve your businesses domain name for 5 years or more. When you renew your business websites domain name for 5, 10 or 20 years, you show Google that you are serious about your business and plan to be in business for many years to come.


Ask friends, family, clubs, churches and other related businesses to place your website link onto their websites. This can include social media sites, blogs and websites. The best back links are from websites that are in the same industry as yours. Never buy back links as this will hurt your seo down the road. Learn more on bad seo practices here. These are great SEO tips you can work on today to help boost your websites seo in Google.

I am always here to help… Just give me a call at 775-453-6120. Sandy Rowley.


Local search engine marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, as more local Reno business owners learn the amazing value of a solid SEO and/or PPC campaign. Thousands of searches are performed each in in looking for local products and services. Most local SEO campaigns start at $400 or so a month. My average SEO and/or PPC client has a budget of $2500. My rates are reasonable and generate positive ROI for my clients. I only work with a select few SEO clients. My marketing services include web design, social media, tech support and other online marketing related chores. I can be reached by calling 775 453 6120. Look up my SEO company in Google search and learn more.

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