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Law Firm SEO can be very competitive and expensive.

Most Pay Per Click or Adword marketing campaigns for attorneys start at $50 a click!

Although PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google is the best way to reach clients online, the budgets required to compete with larger law firms can be very cost prohibitive. Average PPC budgets for law firms ranking on the top spots in Google can start at $5,000 – $85,000 per month plus the SEO experts 15 – 20% monthly fee to manage the PPC campaign.


Because, they work! Google search is the fastest way to reach new clients online. This search engine is heads and tails above directories, social networks and other search engines and should be your law firms #1 focus for online leads.

If your law firm needs a more affordable SEO solution, continue reading.

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Affordable Marketing for Attorney Websites
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