8 Ways to Build Links to Your Small Business Website

8 Ways to Build Links to Your Small Business Website

The algorithms of search engines are constantly changing, but there are things whose role is still important. These are backlinks and the quality of content – on the position of the site in search they have the strongest impact.


The requirements of Google to the quality of links and content are becoming higher, which complicates the work on search promotion. This is especially important for small businesses and new online stores, they are not ready to spend a lot of money to buy backlinks. But there is a solution: you can get quality SEO-links without buying them directly from other people’s sites.


In this article, there are some methods of obtaining external links, for the use of which you do not need to be an experienced specialist, and instead of money will have to invest only your time.


1. Creating pages in social media


The first thing to do is to create official company pages in social networks. This is the easiest way to get external links as soon as you launch your online store. Even if you do not plan to work actively on SMM, this opportunity is definitely worth using.


Do not limit yourself to the popular Facebook and Instagram, make pages for your company in Google+, Tweeter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You will get 6 quality and completely free links at once.


2. Working with forums (crowd marketing)


You can work not only with niche forums but also look for thematic branches in forums of thematic sites. If there is information on your site that could potentially be useful to participants of the discussion, you can safely share it in the discussion. It is well perceived by users, as opposed to direct advertising.


On many forums, members whose posts have exceeded a certain threshold (15-20 posts) can leave links to their site in their signatures. If you actively communicate via such a link, other users begin to move regularly.


3. Sites with reviews


For any company, regardless of its size, customer feedback is very important. They attract other people’s attention and can often have a decisive influence on your product selection.


There are specialized websites on the Internet that are aggregators of feedback about companies, their products, and services, for example, Otzovik.com, Tripadvisor.com.


On such platforms, you can create a company page where people can leave their reviews, and you get a free link to your site.


4. Interviews for media


This can work particularly well with regional media, which often lack interesting stories on the agenda. So you can get a link to the company’s website, and additional bonuses to brand recognition.


In addition to interviews, it is possible to work through individual materials on topics in which you are well versed and offer your comments as an expert (by writing a letter to the author of a blog or to the editorial office).



5. Thematic aggregators


Aggregators – sites with a lot of information, mainly business-oriented. We are talking about thematic catalogs, for example:


  • Catalog of foreign language courses.
  • Catalog of dental clinics.
  • Catalog of companies that work in the construction industry.
  • Aggregator of tutor services.
  • Aggregator of online stores.


If your target region is large, you can find several dozens of aggregators through Google, and on each of them you can register by creating a company page.

6. Creation and distribution of valuable content


It can be a step-by-step guide to solving a particular problem, a research result, a checklist to complete a task or an electronic PDF book dedicated to a specific topic.


High-quality content takes time to prepare, but its publication attracts the attention of the audience, and many people share links to such a page on the site with friends, forums and social networks.


This approach is especially popular in the English-speaking segment of the Internet and has for many years been considered one of the most effective ways to get backlinks to the site. It also has a very positive impact on the credibility of the business. You can check LinksManagement, service that helps build links.


7. Cooperation with bloggers


This approach works very well in the case of online retailers. The audience of some bloggers is comparable to the audience of popular media. In exchange for a review and/or mention of your store, you can offer a blogger to test the product.


First of all, pay attention to authors of offline blogs (sites), owners of promoted Instagram accounts and YouTube channels. Working with them, you can get the link and a recommendation from a reputable person in your niche.


8. Info partnership for events


Even in small cities, not to mention millions of people, regular exhibitions and other events are held on a variety of topics. The organizers work with the media and individual companies to disseminate information about the event and attract more participants.


By contacting the organizers, you can offer them support in the form of information partnerships ( blog postings and social networks), in exchange for mentioning your company with a link to a shop. Often partner links are posted on the main page of the event website.


You can agree on cooperation with the organizers of fairs and masterclasses, offering them to organize a competition with a drawing of one of your products among the participants or give small souvenirs to the participants. For this, the organizers will tell about your shop on their website and on social networks.




If your online store has links to pages from other quality projects in your niche, the search engine considers it more authoritative than other similar sites, all other things being equal.


As a result, the visibility of important business keywords is growing, positions become higher, and all this together leads to an increase in traffic.


There are some other important bonuses that provide quality link mass:


  • Brand recognition grows due to the increase in contact points with the target audience on external resources.
  • Links from other sites to your store’s pages can be used by potential customers, and this is additional sales.


Marie Barnes is a writer for Bestforacar. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging.



How To Move Your Business Online

How To Move Your Business Online

The best way to grow your company: Move your business online now!

We’re in a new business environment, where even the most successful businesses face challenges for growth and continued existence.  By all accounts, this “new paradigm” is likely to be with us for a long time to come. Businesses will have to innovate and evolve to survive and thrive. Otherwise, the competition will get the better of you!

And, what’s the easiest way to compete and stay relevant in today’s fast paced business world? Move business online!

Three compelling reasons to go online now

The Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce is the largest organization of its class that represents over 1,700 businesses from the local community. Proof that Reno is a serious hub of business activity – not just within Nevada, but also nationally. Proudly, “The Biggest Little City in the World” also ranks #11 (national 2019 rankings) on Forbes list of The Best Places For Business And Careers.  That same ranking places Reno at #41 for the Cost of Doing Business, and #2 in terms of Job Growth. And all that means plenty of business opportunities for our local business – but only if we leverage those opportunities quickly and effectively.

As a local Reno business, you’re probably wondering if you can compete with your much larger and more dominant competitors – locally, nationally and globally. The answer is simple: Yes, you can! But only if you realize what it takes to make your business more competitive. What’s important, as well, is for businesses to understand why they need to change their business models to start competing online now:

  • If you don’t have an online presence, and are depending largely on a bricks-and-mortars model, then your business may soon face dwindling revenues. Shifting preferences for online shopping means more consumers in Reno and its surrounding area will not find you on the web – but they’ll find your competitors instead!
  • If you are one of the lucky local Reno businesses that have recently gone online – then you’re already in a great position to take on the competition. However, as your competitors focus on strategies like search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), they’ll soon start poaching your customers – unless you act quickly to deal with the threat!
  • And if your online business is thriving, you still can’t be complacent. As your competitors move business online too, they’ll start offering highly responsive, mobile-friendly websites to their clients. And, because most online shoppers do their browsing and shopping via mobile devices these days, your business may experience severe customer exodus – unless you respond equally aggressively to the new challenges!

Whether you haven’t taken that first step to going online yet; have recently launched a business website, but aren’t doing much with it; or have a sizable online business, but haven’t kept up with updates or upgrades – now’s the time to review your online marketing strategy and go digital. And the best part about doing that is the tremendous local web designing and digital marketing support you have right here in Reno!

You can do it…and Reno Web Designer is right here to support you! Call or text Sandy at 775-870-0488.

Local web designers taking you global

As local Reno businesses contemplate strategies to move business online, it’s important to carefully analyze all available options before choosing the right digital marketing partner to support you. It’s often tempting to just say “I’ll work with a Big company from a Big city…and make my online presence felt”.


Sandy Rowley voted best web designer in Reno, 3 years running! Call or text her at 775-870-0488.


But working with “Big” companies from “Big” cities often means you paying BIG bucks! But there are a whole host of other reasons why you should consider working with a local Reno web designer and digital marketing strategist instead:

  • We’re right here…in Reno – which means we’re within easy reach. You can talk to us, consult with us and even walk in and meet with us in person – all in your local time zone! So, if you’re looking for truly one-on-one service, then a local web designer is your best bet
  • Because we are plugged-in with the local community, we understand local business issues and challenges better than “outsiders”. And that means we have an edge when it comes to offering competitive advice and proposing locally personalized strategies to help you manage, market and promote your brand
  • Our local Reno web designers and developers have the same, if not better, skills and experience profiles than those available anywhere in the State or across the country. And that puts us on a level playing field with the “Big” players. However, our ability to respond locally, using global techniques and technologies, makes all the difference to our clients
  • When you work with a local Reno-based web development company to help you to move business online, you’ll be supporting your local economy. In turn, we support our local businesses make their transition to the online world. That’s a powerful team dynamic – and a sure recipe for success! – that working with “outsiders” can’t match!

The truly universal nature of internet-based services makes the location of your web designing and development partner irrelevant – they may operate in your local community, or they may have a presence half-way across the globe. However, choosing a web designer that can swiftly and decisively respond to local developments – such as local supply-chain challenges, business impact of local government decisions, community responses to local business environment – gives local businesses a competitive edge in the long run.

Local online business enablers: What to look for

Having a great-looking website is one thing. Online visitors and casual browsers love peeking in at sites that glitter and dazzle. But creating a professional online presence is whole different ballgame. Whether it’s a B2C (Business to Consumer) website, or a B2B web presence, your customers and prospective clients want more than just glitter and dazzle. In fact, when it comes to professional-looking websites and dazzle – sometimes, less is more!

Five must-haves to check out

For those local Reno companies that are looking to move business online, the choice of partners therefore, to help them make the transition, isn’t simply about developing cool web pages with lots of bells and whistles.  You need to consider other aspects about the skills, capabilities and reputation of your web site designer.

Here are five key points to keep in mind when selecting an online business enabler for your company:

  • Local presence: Building an ongoing relationship with strategic business service advisors and consultants is key to long-term prosperity. Having a web services advisory team based in or around your local community – where you operate and conduct much of your own business – results in stronger and more lasting professional bonds.


Working with a local presence is like working with a professional that’s part of your extended family. These are your neighbors. Your fellow business owners. They may even be your customers and fans. No one else is likely to be more firmly in your corner, rooting for your success online!


  • Established track record: Before signing on the dotted line for web design and digital marketing services, make sure your partner of choice has plenty of experience…and a track record to match! Hitching your company’s future with an inexperienced web services provider, just because they have a local presence, might not be the best way for Reno entrepreneurs to move their business online.


  • Personal bond: If possible, have a one-on-one chat with your prospective website design consultant. This might preferably happen via video conference calls -versus just a voice chat. Ideally though, when conditions are ripe, visiting your future web design partner in-person at their office can shed additional light on the company, its founder and key staff who will be working closely with you.


  • Broad-based skill sets: Online business success today depends on more than just web design and coding skills. While those two capabilities are important, working with a partner that brings a cross section of other skills to the table can make all the difference to your online marketing presence.


So, look for a local Reno web design company that develops web sites which flow across a broad spectrum of design styles – from simple, minimalist flat designs, to vibrant and modern designs. But don’t just stop there! Once your site is up and running, you’ll need a partner to help you promote and market it.  So, working with a partner, that also has SEO, AdWords, Email Promotion and other digital marketing and advisory skills, is an asset as companies work on a strategy to move business online.


  • Excellent client reviews and testimonials: A standard sales pitch is: “We are Number 1 in customer satisfaction!”. Don’t just take their word for it. Make sure you ask for, receive and verify client testimonials and recommendations. And, when you do ask for the information, don’t just be satisfied with vague testimonials like “Brian X from a retail client says…”.


Client references and recommendations are only as good as they are real. So, insist on fuller disclosure about who the client is and what specific services the web development company provided.


And, if you are going to make such references a part of your decision-making criteria, base it on clients who have received the same (or significantly similar) set of services that you are shopping for. For example, if you are in the market for SEO services, see what a website optimization services client has to say about their level of satisfaction – not someone who has received hardware selection advice!

Best SEO Company in Reno

Additional thimgs to consider

Clearly, if your local Reno web designer meets all the above criteria – and then some! – chances are that they’ll make the cut into your short list of prospective partners to consider to help transition you to your online business model. However, there are two additional aspects to investigate, that’ll round off your “What to Look For” list:


  • Free consultation and evaluations: Often, you might not be able to accurately verify or validate a prospective web service providers’ skill – unless you’ve tried them first! Professional internet service providers and web design companies understand the “try before you buy” sentiment. That’s why, before you decide on which company to work with to move your business online, ask for some free advice and see how you feel about what they say.


The more professional web services businesses also offer some great value-adds for FREE – such as Free SEO Audits of your website, or limited slots of free consulting advice.  Having such offers available means the web services provider is confident about what they can do for their clients, and are even willing to provide some basic value-adds for free, so clients might appreciate what’s on offer.


  • Commitment to consumer education: They say “An educated consumer makes the best customer!”. But it takes time, energy and resources for professionals to conduct educational and informational outreach sessions. The fact that a web design company or digital marketing firm conducts regular lunch/learn workshops and sessions, underlines their commitment to creating a savvier prospective client base.

Making your move…

There’s no doubt that, as a savvy Reno business owner, if you wish to survive and thrive in today’s highly-competitive business environment, you need to move your business online – NOW! However, making such a move isn’t always easy – especially if you have a relatively small (or none!) online digital footprint. While you could try the DIY approach, or reach out to someone from across the State or overseas for help, there are experienced and capable service providers right here in the city that can help.

So, don’t waste any more time thinking about making the move. Instead, make your move and contact Reno Web Designer.Com,  or join owner and web-entrepreneur Sandy Rowley and a host of local Reno business owners at one of Sandy’s informational workshops. You’ll not only connect with like-minded business owners, but also learn a lot more about web designing, Social Media Marketing, PPC marketing…and a whole lot more.

Best of all…these workshops are FREE, with no obligations or commitments. It’s just one way that Sandy is giving back to her local Reno community!









Reno SEO Services

Reno SEO Services

Multifaceted Reno SEO services: Bringing the world to your door!

When we talk about our connected world today, we think about the awesome digital power that tech giants – like the Google’s and Microsoft’s – command. But what Reno businesses and entrepreneurs should realize is that “thinking local” often pays much bigger dividends. Working with a Reno SEO service provider is a great way to access local digital talent to access a global marketplace.

Taking you beyond static websites

Internet marketing used to be about glitzy websites and digital ads filled with bells and whistles. But no more!  While having a well laid out and professionally-designed web presence is vital to any businesses’ success, the world of online marketing has moved past static websites and flashy ads.  For local businesses to compete in a global marketplace today – and succeed! – requires a special type of digital marketing strategy.

And there lies the paradox of competing in a global marketplace: While physical barriers – borders, distance, time zones, access – to competition have all but evaporated, digital marketing has become ever more competitive and complex!  And that’s thanks to our increasingly digitally-connected world today. As a local business person, you need to understand and deploy strategies like:

  • SEO
  • PPC Marketing
  • Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing, and
  • Email Marketing

And then, there’s the added complexity of attracting not just human traffic to your website, but also search engines algorithms and their accompanying digital Spiders, Creepers, Crawlers and BOTS. And as you develop and implement those strategies, you also need a local Reno SEO company to ensure your website supports the objectives of those campaigns. For instance, launching a successful SEO campaign or an AdWords drive could potentially increase your website traffic 100% – but can your web design sustain that increase?

Unless well executed, an immensely popular SEO drive, not supported by a corresponding web design strategy, may turn out to be a disadvantage. Instead of having customers lining up for your products or services, they may start deserting you for the competition. Why? Because of a slow-loading website; or one that uses too much bandwidth on a mobile device; or…because it’s just plain old boring!

An internet marketing solutions company has the skills and expertise to weave all these strategies into a seamless digital marketing plan to help you move beyond…way beyond! – the realm of just static websites and chain emails.


Unrivalled local value proposition

The best way to tap into the power of local SEO is to either join a lunch-and-learn session, or opt for a FREE SEO audit of your website. You’ll be amazed when you learn about the power that SEO offers.

The best part about working with a Reno SEO company, like Reno Web Designer, is that you can receive amazing value for investment locally – without having to travel outside the city or across state lines. Yet, at the same time, the SEO measures, digital marketing strategies and web designing ideas put in place have the potential to unleash global demand for your products and services.

Now, that’s the power of thinking global and acting local!

Here Are 7 Things SEO Content Writers Think About Before They Write An Article

Here Are 7 Things SEO Content Writers Think About Before They Write An Article

It’s time to take your company to the next level.

You’ve tried personalized pens, cute social media posts, and fresh business cards, but nothing seems to be boosting business as it should. It can be a frustrating place to be in as a company owner.

Luckily for you, there are people who are SEO content writers. Search engine optimization sounds scary, but trust us, it’s worth it.

They are intelligent, creative, and always down for a challenge so you know you need to add them to your team. If you want to get in their head a little more, above are 7 things they always think of before writing an article. Make sure to keep reading!

1. The Audience

Quite obviously, thinking about the consumers of the content is important. Many companies love their products and talk about them but forget who they are talking to most of the time.

The first major step of creating SEO content is looking at a targeted demographic. Are they old or young? Are they city-dwellers, male, female, parents, home-owners, etc?

Knowing your audience is critical but knowing how to reach them effectively is also important. If you’re trying to sell a new pressure washer to homeowners, there’s probably no sense in describing the physics and science behind how it works.

Just let them know it works and what sorts of applications they could use it on. They probably aren’t concerned about mechanics as long as it does the job. That’s why you need people who know how to advertise to an audience.

2. The Research

People want good information, and people want facts to back it up. One of the main components of SEO writing pieces is reliable evidence. This not only means doing the research, it means finding credible sources.

SEO content writers know where to look and how to look when it comes to doing the research. They can sift through articles, statistics, and pages of information and pull out the parts they need.

They work in the facts to new pieces and always give credit where it’s due. Hard, cold facts will take your advertisement to the next level. This is one reason you need a professional SEO consultant.

3. The Clarity

If someone can’t read and understand your writing, they definitely aren’t going to buy your service or product. An SEO content writer is concerned about the readability of every piece.

They don’t type like they’re speaking to a toddler, but they make sure the writing is easy to digest and doesn’t overwhelm anyone. You’re less likely to read something if it’s 25 paragraphs of dense information.

Professional writers know how to properly breakdown and present information for those viewing. Make yourself presentable and approachable with a content writer.

4. The Keywords

Targeted keywords are the words your desired audience is typing into the search bar. You want to include these words to boost any content you publish. Good SEO writing effectively uses keywords.

Notice the word “effectively”. This means they aren’t using the keywords excessively or placing them where they seem awkward. The writers are intentionally choosing words they can naturally work into a piece.

They can find these words by observing potential customers and conducting surveys.

5. The Visuals

Most people can agree a picture is more appealing than a few lines of words. While the words contain important information, an SEO content writer is going to find the visuals you need to draw in people.

These visuals can include things like graphs, photographs, and video. Good writers will choose visual content that compliments the writing and keeps the audience interested.

Graphs project information in a way that’s easier to understand for people. If you’re trying to report statistics of the success of a new product, work a bar graph into the mix. It’ll give you a fair bump up in the competition.

6. The Analytics

Accurate reports and numbers are absolutely critical and content writers understand. Why are they important?

Without accurate understandings of how your content is performing, you can’t improve on weaknesses. There’s always room for improvement, and you need to be aware of what you need to improve.

Take time quarterly to evaluate how certain keywords are performing, how many people are reading your content, and if people are clicking on the links you provide. All of these things contribute to your success.

Once an SEO writer has the information he or she needs, keywords can be shifted if need be. Especially if you’re in a growing industry, keywords can shift and transform often.

7. The Actual Content

Nothing is as important as the actual meat of the content you’re presenting to the audience. Every word should be chosen carefully and should have a place in the piece.

When creating content, writers think about length, angles, and effectiveness.

As far as length, it’s important to find the appropriate word count. Not giving enough information could write you off as not knowing what you’re talking about. Giving too much information could bore people.

When it comes to angles, topics should create multiple conversations and encourage people to do their own thinking. You want to be straightforward while also allowing openings for different facets.

Effectiveness is judging how well the content is getting across to the audience. Are they understanding the information? Are they taking action using the information?

All of these elements can make or break the success of a piece. A great SEO content writer will know what to do with all of it to rake in wins.

Hire SEO Content Writers

Not everyone understands search engine optimization (SEO), and that’s okay. It’s why you need SEO content writers. They can take your service to where it needs to be.

From keywords to visuals to content, they work magic when reaching audiences. Above are only some of the things content writers think about before sitting down to write a piece. Even though it’s only part of it, it’s enough to show you why you need to hire one.

If you need help with marketing, SEO, or design, make sure you request a quote.